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10 Easy Hair Styling Tips, Techniques & Tricks for Women

Getting the ultimate style for their hair is perhaps every woman’s biggest challenge. Whether your hair is long or short, the question that always bothers you is what best hair styling tips and techniques should you use to provide the maximum benefit and make it healthy. Yes given the daily stress in our lifestyle, the constant battle for time and the never ending pressure to meet deadlines often forces us to cut corners in terms of how we care for our health, especially our hair.

hair styling tips and techniques for women


Simple Beauty and Hair Styling Tips and Techniques

1. Proper Wash

The hair type is a key determinant of the exact hair wash routine but the point to ponder is that your hair needs a wash at regular intervals. Factors like the type of environment your hair is exposed to, the level of dirt it accumulates are also important considerations that determine how often you need to wash your hair. What a regular wash does is it keeps the hair scalp clean and prevents any potential fungal infection or other factors that can impede the growth of your hair. Another big benefit of washing your hair regularly also helps limit breakage and splitting of ends.

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2. Regular Combing

Combing is one of the basic hair styling tips and techniques that has several benefits. The popular belief is if you comb your hair 50 times a day, you become very intelligent. While the veracity of that thought is difficult to ascertain, what can be said is regular combing, improves the blood supply to your hair root and thereby significantly improves the hair health. You will notice that regular combing also makes your health very smooth and silky and easy to style. Combing is also a type of massage for the scalp and therefore it goes without saying that a healthy scalp will always keep your hair healthy.

3. Balanced Diet

Just like a balanced diet is important for the rest of your body, it also ensures that you have healthy hair when you eat healthily. Too much of fried and oily food will make your hair lose luster and it will appear dull and lifeless. On the contrary, when you eat sufficient amount of leafy vegetables and fruits, it will ensure that the hair growth and the hair quality are both intact and get enhanced. Additionally, a balanced diet helps in limiting the amount of hair fall as well as breakage of hair. Another lesser known aspect is that a balanced diet ensures that the digestion process follows unhindered and this in turn also enhances the hair health.

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4. Need For Proper Sleep

How many times have you been advised to sleep well to ensure that you do not have dark circles or other health concerns. Well, a good night’s sleep is, in fact, one of the most important things. When you sleep well you ensure that the hair grows at a required pace and any scope of unnecessary growth impediments are significantly limited to a great extent. Proper sleep also enhances the overall metabolism of the body and like all other body parts, the hair too reaps the benefit of a healthy body.

5. Trimming Schedule

Styling and trimming your hair also needs to follow a certain routine. It is very important to regularly trim your hair in a way that the ends always remain healthy and the growth is not impacted significantly. At the same time, however, the style that you choose for your hair needs to be responsible. Too many instances of thinning the hair or cutting the hair at too short intervals without letting it grow to the desired level can often impede on the overall growth of the hair.

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6. Caring In Harsh Environment

If your hair is often exposed to a lot of dust or dirt or chemicals like treated water while swimming, it is very important that you keep your hair covered and wash off the harmful elements as quickly as possible. One of the essential hair styling tips and techniques is to avoid too much of these chemicals.

7. Shampoo & Other Chemicals

Similarly whether you are using a shampoo or a conditioner it is very important to monitor the quality. It is advisable to use relatively mild shampoos and conditioners to ensure that the chemical exposure of the hair and the scalp is fairly limited. In the same way, it is never advisable to use too many external chemicals for your hair.

8. Coconut/Almond Oil Massage

A good hair massage can go a long way in enhancing your hair quality and improving the growth of the hair. The massage also provides nourishment to the scalp and ensures that the roots of your hair get suitably strengthened. This means that potential hair loss can be also limited. Often for women above 30, it is noticed that hair loss leads to maximum hair problems. The massage helps in limiting this key problem area.

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9. Use Of Dryer

Another major factor that can impede hair growth is the excessive use of dryers. One of the essential hair styling tips and techniques is to use a towel to dry off the excessive moisture instead of a dryer if you have time. Too much of dryer makes the hair dry internally and seeps out important moisture and other nutrients that enhance hair growth. What this does is it makes the hair brittle and it breaks very easily. Therefore go old fashioned, choose the towel over the dryer as often as you can.

10. Use Of Iron To Straighten Hair

The iron used to straighten your hair also has a similar impact. As the iron is really hot, using this hair styling tool too often will make your hair dry, brittle and lifeless. The advice is to keep every element of hair styling in moderation and help your hair grow intrinsically for that unmistakable bounce and lustre.

If you are not sure how to maintain your hair then just follow the best fashion bloggers. They update 100s of articles on hair care and latest style. Here is the list of best fashion bloggers to follow. Hair styling tips and techniques for you are not very different from that of your body. Just like your body needs a good diet, proper rest and lots of care, your hair too needs some pampering and a boost of natural elements to maintain that shine and bounce.

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