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What Your Jeans Color Say about You – The Men Walk!

What Your Jeans Color Say about You - Men's Jeans ColorsYou don’t say it, not even a word, but they do! Your jeans are an iteration of you! You might just dress up according to the trends or just because something has become a style and is in fashion, yet what you wear according to the mood is the complete statement of who YOU are. What your jeans color say about you; do you know?

Well, when we think of all the men whose style we fancy, we see them with one thing in common: they all have that ability to make the minimal look totally stand out. Sure, the red carpet is a great place to fashion up, but wearable daily looks are what catches the eye. And yes, when it’s routine, casuals, or even a mix up of style, we cannot skim on denim.

Jeans with a t-shirt, no matter how simple and a wet hand brushed through the hair. Is there anything more perfecting than this effortless balance of “30-seconds-dressup”?. Developing a personal style with sensibility is definitely a process and it does evolve with time as well. If you have decided on what you like, rest is simple, and it’s your attitude that tags along.

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Being effortlessly cool or a winning in the selection of your clothes, you can aim for anything-perfect pair of jeans is crucial. Having the perfect pair that fulfills the perfect fit, wash, and fit qualities are the real stuff and once you have it, you are the main limelight.

While we mention jeans, how can we forget the Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Reynolds? Doesn’t he always look casual, cool, confident, and good in his own style? We are sure you think alike, we love his mixed looks; it’s appealing, sexy, and trendy at the same time.

Well, we think it’s finally time to check men’s wardrobe, after all, men put a hell of effort and time in dressing up. So, we teamed up today with J-Bees Fashion Retailer, the place for fashion, and are listing down what the color of your jeans say about you?

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Men’s Jeans Colors – What Your Jeans Color Say About You

1. Slate Blue

Let a girl walk past you and not think that you’re dependable and loyal your slate blue color like the class denim on you says you’re someone she can depend on. This tone, however, gives an appeal of being dressier and is one step above.

2. Tan

The tan is for those who are stable. Pair this khaki denim with everything and even if you wear it constantly and even for a longer period the more broken, the better it becomes.

3. Olive

You’re the much disciplined military person, but you also lean towards nature. Put it on, if you want here to think of you as more organic.

4. Burgundy

The one who wears it gives off the signals louder and clear of sincerity and devotion. The red undertone in this signals excitement more.

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Do’s: Let yourself look bold by wearing the neutral hues. Your denim will speak for itself; just pick on the black, beige, white, gray, and blues and pop of the color with nice contrast. Remember that a complimentary color choice here is a fashion risk and not a statement.

Don’ts: Do not ever wear audacious prints and vivid hues. No matter how costly your Hawaiian shirt is, don’t match it with your colorful pants, it will not play well at all.

Let yourself do what is right and good. Have the confidence of wearing what you like, but keep yourself according to the trends and time as well. If you don’t have a clue for pairing up your jeans and shirts, just go with neutral shades of jeans and let the contrast stay bold. And don’t worry, jeans with a simple t-shirt will leave the perfect impression on her! Let what your jeans color say about you be a story.

  • Trendy Afande

    How about those of us who wear black?

  • Reedfashionmag

    A friend told me that people who have a tendency of wearing black jeans hate doing laundry 🙂 She’d want to justify that.

  • Trendy Afande

    Hate doing laundry…..No she phrased it incorrectly,we just prefer conserving water for other purposes…..I’d like to see her dress in white daily though….the washing should be fun… 🙂

  • Reedfashionmag

    Mmmh 🙂 “conserving water for other purposes” can as well be a logical reason. But I guess white ones can be scary too. One will certainly stash them somewhere till when a good spirit will provoke them to wash. But her opinion is justified too…at least to some extend…:-)

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