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What to Wear with Lace Shorts – Beautiful Lace Shorts Outfits

Elegance and edginess have never gone as perfectly as in lace shorts. This is simply because lace shorts have the best of both; the snappy feel of shorts with the charm of the lace. That said, it can be a little tricky getting the perfect combination of them, but fear not, we’ve got your back. Below are some super lovely ways on what to wear with lace shorts.

Super Ideas on What to Wear with Lace Shorts

1. With a Blouse

It’s always lovely when you have a blend of elegance, and a fired-up look at the same time. This is exactly what a nice blouse and a pair of lace shorts bring out. It’s also an awesome way to play with fabrics and tones by choosing whatever feels right with your shorts. A dark blouse usually goes quite well with light lace shorts.

What to Wear with Lace Shorts

Source: Fashiongum

2. Tights

Tights and lace shorts are one of the finer ways to get your style sense to the max without compromise. This is simply because both pieces complement each other in a charming way. This, therefore, brings out a fresh and seductive touch. It’s  also cute when the tights match up with your top or hat if choose to go for one.

What to Wear with Lace Shorts

Source: Lookbook

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3. Blazer

Blazers are sophisticated and yet among the easiest add-on features that you can have on your outfit. This is especially true when paired with your lace outfits like dresses and even with your shorts. You can even choose some lovely pair of heels to make it a classier feel.

What to Wear with Lace Shorts

Source: Ashopaholic’sden

4. Denim

Denim is usually a casually chic way to spice up the mood on any of your outfits. This, of course, makes it a splendid option to pair with your shorts. Whether you choose to go for denim shorts or a vest, you are assured of stylish lace shorts outfits. No more speculating on what to wear with lace shorts.

What to Wear with Lace Shorts

Source: Themodernmoustache

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5. Tank Top

Tank top are easily the most appealing and stylishly flexible tops that you should own. This is because they tend to highlight the elegance of any outfit that you may choose to go for. When they are paired with pink or cream lace shorts, they bring out a natural and effortless chicness to your outfit.

What to Wear with Lace Shorts

Source: Fashiongum

6. Leather

Leather, of course, spells out rilling style sense. This, therefore, makes a leather jacket the perfect company for your white lace shorts. The combination of wild and feisty with the delicate lace in the shorts makes a perfect style harmony. You can have even gone for a lace top underneath to make the jacket stand out.

What to Wear with Lace Shorts

Source: Lipstiq

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7. Peasant Blouse

Peasant blouses are indeed your best friend when simplicity and chicness are needed in the same outfit. So a peasant blouse and lace shorts are not only the perfect combo but also they both have a dashing feel as an outfit. It’s also a feel good, effortless lace shorts outfit.

What to Wear with Lace Shorts

Source: Thestylebungalow

8. Off The Shoulder Top

Another effortless way to stay stylish with cream or white lace shorts is by pairing them with off-the-shoulder tops. This combo works extremely well when you want to be both stylish and a bit seductive in flaunting your lovely arms 🙂

What to Wear with Lace Shorts

Source: Anglefoodstyle

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9. Pullover

Classy doesn’t always have to be extreme to make a dashing statement look. A simple cardigan or pullover with the right top goes a long way in bringing that naturally. It’s, in fact, one of the freshest ways to make your lace shorts have a homely and enchanting feel. Finally, adding some booties is also a perfect idea on what to wear with lace shorts.

What to Wear with Lace Shorts

Source: Preetydesigns

10. Plaid Shirt

A fancy way to keep your lace game on point is by having a cute plaid shirt. This combo makes a great weekend look that’s both casual and fab. The shirt also adds a layer of style and detail to your outfit. For the shoes you can go for boots or pumps, both will be more than stylish enough to keep you flawless all day.

What to Wear with Lace Shorts

Source: Stylishwife

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11. With A Tee

T-shirts are the most casual and stylish way that you can pair with your lovely shorts. Whether you choose to go for a graphic tee or the plain white type, you are all fab, all day. This means you can either have heels or even go with sneakers, yeah, that’s the power of a tee 🙂

Source: Chicstreetstyle

Now, there you go. These cute outfit ideas on what to wear with lace shorts are certain to inspire your next style. Get a perfect top, pair of shoes and other accessories that will give you a completely personalized style.


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