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Get Every Look Right: What to Wear with Denim Skirt

what to wear with denim skirt

The denim made its way back to the world’s fashion scene, and it’s still obvious that we all are still on a denim frenzy. If well styled the denim gives a very stylish and fashion forward look. There are a variety of denim outfits and designs like the denim jackets, shirts, jeans, shorts, dresses and the denim skirt. The denim skirt is stylish and is available in many different styles like the pencil skirt, skater, and mini skirt. Here are a few tips on what to wear with denim skirt.

What to Wear with Denim Skirt for a Perfect Look

1. Denim shirt

The denim on denim look is elegant and has been greatly received. Just ensure that both the shirt and skirt are well fitting and you could tuck the shirt in the skirt for a more refined look. This classic look could be paired with a pair of heels or converse depending with the occasion.

what to wear with denim skirt

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2. Stripped top

The stripped top adds more color to the denim which is solid and compliments it with a beautiful glow. Go for a fitting stripped top to pair with your denim skirt and get a beautiful pair of heels, doll shoes, rubbers or sneakers. You can accessorize this look with a statements neckpiece, earrings, or handbag.

what to wear with denim skirt

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3. Crop top

The crop top is one of the best ways to rock your denim skirt regardless of the skirt’s design. The look is stylish and can be worn to a party, a barbeque, concert or any other social event. You could pair the look with a pair of heels, sandals, rubbers or converse depending on what you are comfortable in.

what to wear with denim skirt

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4. Blazer

Blazers give your style a classy and edgy look. The same applies once worn with the denim skirt, and you could choose to have a vest or a spaghetti top then the blazer on top. If you are the daring kind, then go for a colored, patterned or floral blazer to spice up the whole look.

what to wear with denim skirt

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5. Cotton vest/Tank top

This is the best combination on a hot sunny day. Pair your cotton vest with your denim skater skirt for a fancy and chic look. This style allows you to accessorize to the maximum with jewelry and handbags. You could rock the look with a pair of sandals, sandal heels, converse, rubbers, or doll shoes.

what to wear with denim skirt

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6. Off shoulder top

The off shoulder top will give your denim pencil skirt a defined and sassy look. The off shoulder allows you to accessorize your bare neck with a fancy statement neckpiece or earrings. This look will look great with a pair of pump heels, platform heels or sandal heels and would look great for a wedding.

what to wear with denim skirt

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7. Leather jacket

A leather jacket will surely come in handy on a chilly day allowing you to keep warm and stay stylish. You could pair your denim pencil skirt with a cotton vest and the leather jacket. This outfit will look great with the long boots or just the ankle boots. You could accessorize with a scarf and a beanie hat.

what to wear with denim skirt

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8. Formal shirt

This is another great idea on what to wear with denim skirt. Get a nice fitting formal shirt to go with the denim pencil skirt. You could pull off this look on a Friday at the office with a beautiful pair of heels or doll shoes. Do not forget to have a fancy statement handbag to go with this look.

what to wear with denim skirt

Source: Nadaadelle

9. Sweatshirt

This is yet another simple denim skirt outfit to pull off on a chilly day. The sweatshirt will keep you warm and complement your denim skirt. For this look, opt for the rubber shoes or sneakers. You could also accessorize with a scarf.

what to wear with denim skirt

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10. Floral top

The floral top brightens up your whole look and gives it an edge. Be sure to have a fitting floral top to go with your denim skirt and tuck it in. A fancy pair of heels will do for this look, and you could also go all out with the accessories.

what to wear with denim skirt

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With these simples ideas on what to wear with denim skirt, you are on your way to looking great with some of your loved fashion pieces. What to choose and how to wear entirely depends on what you want; these denim skirt outfits should otherwise inspire your look.


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