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A Fashion-Forward Take On the Corduroy Pants for Men

Corduroy is a vintage style material that surely has a classy style expression. Corduroy pants are therefore retro-chic style statement for the modern man. If you still wondering about what to wear with corduroy pants for men, check these outfit ideas and see what suits your preferences.

What to Wear with Corduroy Pants for Men

1. Suited Up

Corduroy can have a unique and style forward feel when it’s in a suit. This is because of the gentleman design of the material. It undoubtedly makes an interesting twist to the suit since it’s not a common outfit. It’s however uniquely stylish to wear on any work day as long as it’s not too colorful and bright.

What to Wear with Corduroy Pants

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2. Plaid Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are of course a purely formal affair that seems to have little space for creativity. Corduroy pants, of course, make it possible to change this. The dapper feel of the corduroy paired with the dress shirt makes a unique and stylish formal look.

What to Wear with Corduroy Pants

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3. Denim On

Denim can make any outfit a ton more awesome. You can choose a denim vest or shirt depending on the kind of look you are going for. It’s a fairly composed casual-friendly style that you can step out in style with.

What to Wear with Corduroy Pants

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4. Cardigans

Cardigans have evolved from being a basic homely clothing to a cutting edge formal wear. This is especially awesome when worn over a formal dress shirt. Cardigans these days come in stylish colors and tones that can go well with the corduroy pants.

What to Wear with Corduroy Pants

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5. T-Shirts

A fresh way to wear your corduroy pants is to have them paired with t-shirts. They come in a variety of ways from plain, graphic to modern print types. This, of course, means you can be dapper and bold in the same outfit without being risking too much.

What to wear with corduroy pants

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6. Sneakers on 

There’s quite some ways to have a stylish casual look. One of them is pairing your favorite pair of sneakers with your corduroy pants. The dapper combo gives you a fresh start to a casually elegant look.

What to Wear with Corduroy Pants

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7. Leather Jackets

For an edgier and masculine feel, you can pair them with a leather jacket. It’s both a functional and a streetwise look that goes quite well with your corduroy pants. You can also have a t-shirt with the jacket to make it a casually infused style.

What to Wear with Corduroy Pants

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8. Flannel Shirt

A sweet way to keep things up bear is to mix the corduroy with a flannel shirt. The intricate pattern of the shirt makes a great contrast to the pants and this clearly a style bonus. It’s highly unlikely that you could go wrong with this one. Lose the blazer!! Reserve it to the next point.

What to Wear with Corduroy Pants

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9. Casually With A Blazer

Corduroy pants always look sharp even when casually. A blazer and some sneakers clearly make one stunning casual style. This look makes what to wear with corduroy pants seem so simple and straightforward.

What to Wear with Corduroy Pants

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10. Formal Mix Up

You can also have the corduroy pants as the background of a three-piece mix suit.The best part about this look is that you don’t have to worry so much about matching things up. This is a killer look as long as the pieces have a nice fit.

What to Wear with Corduroy Pants

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With these creative styles, there is no more cracking your head over what to wear with corduroy pants for men. You can choose a style depending on your preference or occasion and get that look you want.


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