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The Peacoat Guy: 11 Cool Ways to Wear a Pea Coat for Men

Pea coats are among the style pieces that define stylish masculinity. Originally worn by sailors, they still hold a rough yet basic style appeal for those cold days. If you are wondering how to button a pea coat or  you’re like “how should a pea coat fit?” don’t fret. Below are some cools ideas on what to wear with a pea coat for guys that give you a cool style.

What to Wear with a Pea Coat for a Cool Guy Look

1. With a Suit and Tie

There’s nothing as classy as a suit and tie affair with a pea coat. This is because you can have the pea coat as a more stylishly unique option to a blazer. This look gives you an affirmative feel to your formal style and is also a great way to change the blazer norm.

What to Wear With a Pea Coat for men

Source: Allthingsmenswear

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2. T-Shirt

If you are going for a more casual appeal, then just grab a tee and get on with it. The reason why this look works is simply because it sets a different feel to a fixed style appeal. Pea coat styles for men paired that are paired with t-shirts are a great weekend look when you just want to take things easy.

What to Wear With a Pea Coat for men


3. On Ripped Jeans

A wild side to a traditional look is always a strong style emphasis. Ripped jeans give you this edginess that a lets you balance things with a pea coat. It’s also one of the bold pea coat outfits for men that you can’t go wrong with.

What to Wear With a Pea Coat for men


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4. Scarfed

If it’s extremely cold then you can add a scarf to intensify your style. It’s also a calm and collected way to have a warmer profile while enhancing your style. Scarves come in a range of ways to wrap and you’ll no doubt find the right one for your pea coat styles.

What to Wear With a Pea Coat for men

Source: Lookastic

5. With Skinny Jeans

A great way to have a rocker pea coat style is, of course, to pair it up with skinny jeans. It provides a stunning outfit with a trendy aspect that does not compromise on your masculinity. Just make sure that the pants fit well and you’ll have a perfect idea on what to wear with a pea coat.

What to Wear With a Pea Coat for men

Source: Fashioncadet

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6. On a Casual-Formal Look

This brings together a quilted gilet, shirt, and tie with jeans into a complete fashionable take over. It’s one of the classy put pea  coat styles for men that blends in a great way. Some dessert boots will be an added plus.


7. With A Sweater

There’s always space for grace with a conservative take. A sweater can be used to highlight the feel in any of the many pea coat outfits that you can go for. Alternatively,  you can use a lighter tone on the sweater  to add a bit of an incentive niche to the look.

What to Wear With a Pea Coat for men

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8. With Chinos

The reason chinos rock is mainly for the classic but sleek feel to them. Their neutral design goes well with any choice of the  many pea coat styles for men. It’s grander when the chinos are also a fitting pair. So, no more cracking your head over what to wear with a pea coat for guys.

What to Wear With a Pea Coat for men

Source: Lookbook

10. Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are a breath of fresh air to the fixed pants look. They are essentially one of the classy ways that you can pair up with peanut coats. Just make sure that the cropped length is just right for your style and height.

What to Wear With a Pea Coat for men

Source: Lookastic

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11. With Flannel Shirts

If you are going for a classic feel to your style then flannel shirts are the way to go. Paired with pea coats they make an even more compelling style emphasis. It’s also a cool way to get a bit of some detailed chicness to your outfit. This can be helpful when you offer her your coat in the cold as you can still somewhat stay warm. (pro date tip).

What to Wear With a Peacoat for men

Source: StyleBistro

So, if it’s a bit cold or chilly, then these pea coat outfits for men will give you the best way to warm things up. Experiment these ideas on what to wear with a pea coat and see what works for you. And also earn your gentleman points from her in the long run. Thank me later.


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