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What to Wear to Prinsloo Rugby Tournament

The annual Prinsloo rugby tournament is here yet again! For the lovers of the game, this is always a must attend and for the fun lovers this is something you do not want to miss! And as we all know nothing beats a fun filled rugby weekend. No, wait, nothing beats a fashionable fun filled rugby event! Fashion is usually the best-explored field during such events. I mean no one wants to look and feel out of place during one of the year’s biggest events! So today, we at Reed Fashion Magazine are going to give you a few tips for both men and women on what to wear to this year’s Prinsloo rugby tournament.


As ladies, we are the fashion bearers, and we should let it out the best way we know. These are some of the few looks you could pull off.

1) The tomboy look

This is my all-time favorite look. You can never go wrong with this one especially during such a sporty weekend. The tomboy look gives you maximum comfort and speaks volumes about your love for sports and in this case rugby. For a tomboy look, you could opt for a pair of rugged jeans or shorts, a branded tee-shirt preferably of the team you are supporting. A great pair of shoes could include Converse, timber lands, walker boots, and Jordan’s and maybe a college jacket, sweatshirt or trench coat ( shouldn’t be too girlish).


2) The girly look

Some ladies love being ladies and no event can take that away from them. This look goes to show you have no idea about rugby, but you are there to have some great time. So for this look you could go for a small floral dress, a floppy hat and a pair of flat, you could opt for a pair of sandals, converse or brogues but NO DOLL SHOES! However be very careful not to look like you were meant to go for a wedding but changed your mind halfway there and found yourself at the game. Choose the design and the prints carefully.


A small denim, skater or round skirt paired with a vest, a fashionable denim jacket and a hat (optional) will look great too. For the shoes, you can wear the converse, brogues, Walker boots and a pair of flat sandals. Sadly, some ladies confuse this look for a red carpet look and go to the field with six-inch heels and a small bandage dress. This makes you look lost, confused and completely out of place. The heels will make you uncomfortable as they are tiresome to walk around in. If you really feel the need to have your heels on, opt for the wedges, not more than three inches as they are very comfortable.

girly 2

3) The simple look

For the ladies that love to keep it simple, you could opt for a nice pair of jeggings or jeans, a simple top or a tee-shirt with a nice pair of converse, brogues or walker boots. This will look great and definitely not out of place. It will also be comfortable and easy to move around in.

simple 1  

4) The last resort

Sometimes you do not plan on going to the games, but your friends won’t go without you, well it happens to most of us. With nothing particular in mind to wear, you could easily rock a maxi dress. Yes! A maxi dress and maybe a hat (optional) will look great in the field. Be careful though not to wear one, which looks more wedding like. This look can be easily matched with a pair of converse or flat sandals.

For plus size ladies a dira dress looks great on the field, I’ve seen a few plus size women try this look for a sporty weekend, and it sure looked great! Be careful on the prints and colors, though.


The men too have not been left behind in today’s fashion world and have also become a great fashion, enthusiasts. Here are a few looks the men can rock to the Prinsloo rugby tournament.

1) The classy, sporty look

The sporty look shows that you are rugby lover and want to look good while at it. A great pair of rugged jeans or shorts, a simple tee-shirt and a pair of converse or Jordans look great as you cheer on your favorite team. You could also add on a college jacket or a neat sweatshirt to bring out a more edgy look.

2) The lean look

This is a simple look for a guy who likes to keep it low-key. A pair of shorts, simple tee-shirt, a pair of sandals and a hat (optional) works great. This look portrays a laid back guy who loves the game and a little fun. For the lean look, a pair of linen pants, simple V-neck tee-shirt and a pair of sandals works great too. As much as the linen pants look great, let them be more of a last resort.


Sports events have always been embellished with different fashion styles and designs. Ladies have always been on the forefront when it comes to dressing for a killer look. Anyways, who doesn’t want to appear in those intriguing Prinsloo rugby tournament photos? Not me.


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