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What Not to Wear to Work

A lot has changed these days in regards to the office dress code that was there a few years back where suits were the order of the day. All you need to do today is look professional in whatever outfit you choose to wear. And it only gets better with casual Fridays in play, the most anticipated day of the week that you’d think it’s a holiday or Christmas. Having more options to choose from now since you are no longer limited to suits from Monday to Friday, I believe it is important to take note of what not to wear to work.

What Not to Wear to Work

1) Rugged jeans and graphic t-shirt

Rugged jeans and graphic t-shirts are first in the category of what not to wear to work. They should be left aside for the weekend. This look will utterly discredit you in front of your boss, fellow colleagues, and even your clients. You need to understand that first impressions are everything and that how you dress speaks volumes about you as an individual. This look is the last thing you need at the office as it makes you look less serious about your job and even under qualified no matter how good and qualified you are.

2) Too much skin

Some women get it twisted when trying to keep their office outfits formal/professional and not boring. The office place should be the last place you are willing to show off too much skin. Leaving out too much cleavage or thighs may lead to the under-performance of your male colleagues as they will be distracted with what to you are so willing to show. This type of office dress code brings out a woman who does not value herself enough to let her work speak for her instead she trusts in her body. That’s the last thing you’ll want people to think. So cover up a little as it will do you no harm.

3) Tattoos and piercings

Am not trying to say you shouldn’t have tattoos or piercings all am saying is cover up a little if they can be easily seen. After all, some companies consider tattoos as the definition of unprofessionalism. While at the office, you interact with different kind of people both colleagues and clients with different personalities and beliefs. And the truth is you do not want to make them feel uncomfortable as it will be even harder for you to work and may affect your performance.  It is, therefore, advisable to cover up and take off the piercings for your future job prospects at least.

4) Unkempt hair and outfit

Try to be decent as much as you can. Decent does not mean expensive it means looking neat and well kept. Do your hair nicely and iron your clothes before leaving for the office. Having unkempt hair and outfits portrays that you are irresponsible, and the truth is no boss wants an irresponsible employee. This look will disregard you, and you might end up missing out on some very important opportunities at the workplace like promotions and salary increments.

5) Caked makeup

Caked makeup is a poor office dress code is one of the top items on a what not to wear to work list. Save the flashy colored lipstick and the dramatic eye makeup for the club or a party not in the office. It makes you look completely out of place and unprofessional in all kind of ways. Put on some light make up and if you are a makeup lover go for a more neutral and natural look that will not chase your clients out the door or keep them feeling uncomfortable.

6) Chunky and piled accessories

The fact you want to look good and not boring for the office is well understandable, but that doesn’t call out for you to put on all the accessories you own. You don’t want them jiggling as you are making that presentation or as you are explaining something work related to your colleague or even worst case scenario, your boss! Keep them light but that does not mean you can be boring there are very nice statement accessories that can easily fit in your workplace but be sure not to have them all on at the same time.

7) Bold colors

Good office dress code should not be boring especially if you are into fashion, but that does not mean that you should be the rainbow at the office. Unless you are working in a fashion company or an entertainment based company, tone down the colors. Marketing firms, newsrooms and banks just to mention a few, are not the kind of places to have your bright color blocked office outfits unless you want to be notable for the wrong reasons. You can add some colors to your outfit but ensure to match it with a darker color like a bright top and dark pants or skirt. It will make your outfit pop.


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