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What Not to Wear to The Gym

Working out has become a trend as most people are doing their best to stay fit and healthy. As women, we are well-known for wanting to look the part in everything and everywhere. While working, motivation is key as well as what your gym clothes. Want to join a gym or you just never leave the gym? Here are a few tips on what not to wear to the gym.

What Not To Wear to the Gym

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1. 100% cotton attire

Cotton clothing may seem as the perfect attire for the gym but sadly, they aren’t. Cotton absorbs moisture and is also slow to dry meaning your sweat will still be present throughout the workout. Cotton can cause chills and skin irritation or even body breakouts, and increase friction in chafe-viable areas. To avoid all this, trade your cotton outfits for quick and dry synthetics, and moisture-wicking fabrics which are well-designed for drawing droplets from the skin for optimal evaporation.

2. Wearable hardware

While at the gym, ensure that all your concentration is on your workout and not on your accessories. Avoid accessories even wedding rings while at the gym as they make you uncomfortable and may end up damaged while lifting or get caught on the Pilates or yoga mats. Store your accessories in the gym bag or the locker for a great work out.

3. Worn-out foot ware

Learn to ditch your shoes as soon as they start wearing out. Worn outsoles and arch supports can keep you from creating a solid base when standing on a slick studio floor and may even end up damaging your joints. If you’re picking out a new pair of sneakers, it is advisable to seek professional analysis of your strides, so your shoes are correct for your foot’s natural tendency to roll inwards or outwards.

4. Un-supportive sports bras

While working out, it is recommended to have a fitting sports bras as they protect the ligaments and tissues in your chest from stretching excessively and stress allowing you to do your best. For you to pick the perfect bra, bear in mind the level of impact of your typical workout and your body shape. Low-impact sports bras work for activities like yoga or walking, while those designed for high-impact activity are best for interval training and intense cardio classes.

5. Clothes that do not fit

Getting the right and fitting gym outfits for your workout is key. Ensure that they are not too baggy or too tight. Wearing baggy fitness outfits at the gym can be a safety hazard. It also makes it hard to see your body’s alignment, posture, and movements when you’re not sporting fitted clothing, which can pose another safety risk: If your form is all wrong when you’re lifting or attempting a tricky Pilate’s move, you’re more likely to hurt your body than help it.


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