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14 West African Clothing Styles You Just Can’t Take Your Eyes Off

West African clothing styles have a lovely way that besides having a unique appeal are also huge style statements. The common style emphasis on them is the print and also the natural style that the prints embody. Ghana and Nigeria offer some of the most adorable fashion styles in Africa.

West African Clothing Styles We Love to Share with You

1. Dashiki Crop Tops

This is new and super trendy way of stepping out in style. It is, in fact, a clear blend of pink with African print that also has a modern touch to it. It not only has an edgy outline but it’s also a simple fashion piece that you’ll certainly fall in love with.

West African Clothing Styles

Source: Zuvaa

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2. The African Print Blazer

Blazers are a stylishly formal style pieces that can also be worn casually. This piece, for instance, captures the essence of West African clothing styles perfectly. Its sleeves can be folded to offer the boyfriend look appeal that we can’t clearly have enough of.

West African Clothing Styles

Source: Africanprinitinfashion

3. The Glory Off-Shoulder Top

The amount of edginess in this single fashion gem is absolutely enchanting. The sleeveless shoulder design brings a sexy flare to the African print. A matching head wrap print reflects the deep sense of consistency and beauty. You’ve got to definitely love this one.

West African Clothing Styles

Source: Kamdora

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4. The Long Print Shirt

This has got to be one of the trendiest West African clothing styles that are also eye candy. It features a basic Ankara design and a maxi layout that also gives you a unique stunning appeal. It goes without saying that this is one of our favorites.

West African Clothing Styles

Source: Zuvaa

5. The Short Suit

This is nothing short of fabulous. It’s  one of those looks that you are assured will have heads turning. It’s an extremely fashionable look that’s also relatively easy to pull off. You just have to certainly make sure are the right fit and voila, you’re ready to go.

West African Clothing Styles

Source: Theclickstyles

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6. Print Pants

If you already heard this, then get it from us, print pants are the way to go. They have a lovely way of creating the space for a sassy outdoor look. When paired with a blazer they can also be a formal fashion set up that’s exclusive to don.

West African Clothing Styles

Source: Stylepantry

7. The Harem Jumpsuit

This blows your way in ways you can’t just put off. It is one of West African clothing styles most ambitious fashion pieces. It not only has that glamorous print signature but also an eye-catching appeal that will stand out anywhere.

West African Clothing Styles

Source: Pinterest

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8. The Cut Wrap Mini

This dress combines two of the most inventive styles to form a style gem that is simply awesome. The design gives it a super stunning loveliness that can only be matched with the chic print. The cut layout is also an inventive way to be stylish in a simple way.

West African Clothing Styles

Source: Osayeye

9. The Sleeveless Print Dress

This style gives you a classic way to turn your most basic look into a fashion masterpiece. First, the pattern structure goes so well with the style harmony and design. Secondly, it takes you back to a retro look that also never goes out of style.

West African Clothing Styles

Source: Pinterest

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10. Ankara print on denim shorts

This might as well be the main reason why denim shorts were invented in the first place. This cute fusion brings two universes into a big bang that you’ll certainly fall in love with. The graceful Tiwa Savage shows you here how to finally rock this style.

West African Clothing Styles


11. Print Flat Caps

If you are looking for a unique trendy to upgrade your wardrobe then this is certainly a way to have that. Flat caps have become a fashion must have and African print style ones add that chicness to your outfit. It’s also lovely when it matches your print pattern theme.

West African Clothing Styles

Source: Weheartit

12. The Flowing Top

This piece was specifically designed to be a stunning eye candy. It does both catch your interest and make you want to feel it African glory. It’s one of the unique West African clothing styles that will also have you going gaga.

West African Clothing Styles

Source: Selectastyle

13. The White Print Maxi

Print on a white background not only feels pure but is definitely as exquisite as it gets. There’s obviously a distinctive element in white themed dresses and this is clearly a demonstration of that. In summary; this is a gorgeous African fusion themed dress.

West African Clothing Styles

Source: Mdrindo

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14. The  Multi Print Midi

This design fuses different stylish prints into one wholesome and yet stunning piece. It’s a fusion of stripes and spots that not only have a uniqueness in them but also a lovely structure. Trying this one out will clearly create a unique look.

West African Clothing Styles

Source: Bella Naija

We trust that you will be intrigued by these west African clothing styles. The look they bring our relentlessly lends itself to your figure. Give them a try and feel the sweet you.


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