Wedding Dress Shopping Tips: A Bride’s Do’s and Don’ts List
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Together Forever: A Bride’s Do’s and Don’ts List

wedding dress shopping tips

Almost every woman out there dreams of having an extravagant wedding with their husband. Everything has to be in perfect condition for them to pull off the wedding of their dreams. One of the most important things you have to be aware of is your wedding dress. Essentially, using the wedding dress shopping tips can make a difference.

Imagine yourself, on one of the grandest days of your life only to trip on a veil that’s lengthy. Or how about the dreaded wardrobe malfunction? No one deserves to be smiling on their photograph, unaware of something private showing up. Here are simple do’s and don’ts for you to avoid those mishaps on your wedding day.

1. Do Schedule Your Dress Fitting Early On 

Ever remember the old saying that goes like “The early worm catches the early bird?” In your situation, it’s the same. You have to schedule your dress appointments early in the day and well before your wedding date. If you can, dedicate an entire day for solely for fitting your dress.

“Does this look good on me?” “Does this dress overexpose me?” “Is my veil too long?” “Does this dress look tight on me?” These are the questions that you need to be asking right now rather than asking it on your wedding day. The preferred time is usually around 6-8 months, at the very least. This period may sound too long, but wedding preparations aren’t overnight huddles that get easy answers.

Weddings are for long-term commitments that need careful planning and budget allocations. Think of the preparation period as a phase where you get to iron out the ugly details you want to get rid off. An example of this is when you’re uncomfortable with the fit of your dress. You can maybe add or shed some weight until you finally get it right.

Small as these details are, you need to fix them while you’re in the early stages of preparation, or suffer the embarrassing mishaps on your wedding day. Leverage all the important wedding dress shopping tips to ensure the right pick.

2. Don’t Be Easily Swayed by Trends

wedding dress shopping tips

Picking a wedding dress just because it’s trendy is a bad idea if you want to keep a lasting memory of your wedding day. Everything on your wedding day is special, including your comfort in wearing your dress. Why wear a dress that’s fashionable and itchy when you can wear something that’s equally good looking and comfy for you?

Choose a dress that you’ll love until the end of time. Choose a dress that you’ll make you smile in photos. Don’t be swayed by trends, as long as you’re comfortable and gorgeous, go for it! A lot of sites online such as Seed Heritage offer a wide selection of wedding dresses which make it easier for you to select one.

3. Don’t Settle for One Try 

Don’t just try on one dress. Don’t even settle for trying a pair. If possible, try a whole lot more dresses until you find the one. Remember earlier that you need to schedule fittings as earlier as possible?

Going on a “fitting spree” is one reason you need to do your shopping early. Don’t settle for less as you have an infinite amount of options just waiting for you to try them on. Try and try till you land on the perfect dress. Remember, your dress is a crucial element that you need to be aware of, especially on the big day.

4. Do Bring Friends Over 

It’s often a good idea when there is someone else with you when you try out wedding dresses. It never hurts to have another eye besides yours that’ll look at you with brutal honesty. However, don’t bring a lot of friends over because they’ll only add to the confusion.

Some people tend to ignore these wedding dress shopping tips, but having a friend can be quite helpful. Two friends are enough, 3 is a crowd. You can go for their opinions, or you can go for yourself. Of course, the last say on choosing your dress is always going to be you.

5. Don’t Say Yes to Impulsive Buying 

wedding dress shopping tips

Always remember that everything you buy is final. This reality only adds to the fact that you have to be serious when preparing for your wedding day. There are countless stories where brides ponder on the price of their overpriced clip on the aisle. Instead of smiles and laughs, the bride has frowns when she realizes that that clip is non-returnable.

6. Do Know What You’re Talking About 

Though it doesn’t hurt that you don’t know something about the technical stuff about your wedding dress, it does pay to know at least a small bit. As a bride to be, it’s important that you know what you’re getting. Knowing the shades of a fabric such as light ivory, ivory, dark ivory, champagne, etc. is very worth your while.

7. Don’t Overspend 

One of the important wedding dress shopping tips is to always consider your budget. Don’t over think that overshooting your budget for a few hundred dollars is okay. To avoid going over, consider a vintage dress or a hand me down. This option can make your tight budget possible.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips – Takeaway

Brides need to be on their best when it comes to their wedding. For both groom and bride, weddings are special and need careful attention for it to be very memorable. A well-organized ceremony is everything a bride dreams of.

Wedding dress shopping tips such as planning, having a small know-how of what things are, having friends over for fitting, etc. are just small ways in how a bride can make her wedding the best.

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Cynthia Crane is a writer and an aspiring stylist. She is particularly interested in weddings and loves to write and share her tips with would-be brides. When not writing, Cynthia spends time with her daughter and son playing video games.


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