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Top Wedding Dress Designers in Kenya – Kenyan Weddings

Kenyan fashion designers give their creations character and most importantly, the heart and soul to stand as a complete unit. This is what makes fashion sense. Wedding dress designers, therefore, have a  task of not only ensuring the elements blend in a piece but to make them stand out in the same breath. The top wedding dress designers in Kenya have come a long way in manifesting this.

         Top Wedding Dress Designers in Kenya to Know

Wedding Dress Designers in Kenya

1. Angelsmile

The ideal dress radiates the overall energy and significance of the wedding day. As one of the pioneering bridal design houses in Kenya, this is one of the features that their pieces reflect.

Angelsmile has risen with stitches in perfection through giving customized options to would-be brides. Angel, the founder, has some of the clearest drives in the design frontier. This has made her grow to become one of the top wedding dress designers in Kenya.

Having started the venture as a young fashion enthusiast, her designs are an insightful catalog of mainstream designs. They are made to meet the specifications of different tastes of the modern woman which includes all sizes and preferences.

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2. Afro Elegance

Growing in the creative venture of being a fashion designer requires immense agility and diverse style adaptability. This is especially a daunting task when it involves bridal dresses and pieces. Afro Elegance has become one of the top wedding dress designers in Kenya by perfecting this significance in their pieces.

Urban designs and their contemporary aspects are their main style. This is also shown in the beauty of customized pieces that enable the would-be bride to be part of the design process. The immense detail on the finishing and reflective elegance on the headpieces enables them are among the top wedding dress designers in Kenya.

The creations draw inspirations from varying fashion and style elements to bring an all round catalog of insightful designs. They also cater for the adventurous in the heart if one is keen on having a standing-out theme.

3. Jack Designers

Having ready-made dresses that both meet the visual appeal and are at the top range design level is an aspect this fashion house handle seamlessly. This has grown to become their standing out feature for their wedding dresses and the accompanying accessories.

The trendy and fashion-forward insights are the main design templates for the pieces. This has ensured that the dresses give the bride the ultimate look with the latest style frames.

The pieces embody the needs of the modern bride looking for the ultimate expression for their wedding day. Through this Jack Designs, has become known to house one of the top wedding designers in Kenya.

4. Koki Designs

Building graceful bridges for brides using wedding dresses is what Koki Designs reflect. The fashion house was established in 2009 by Kokeb Zemed. It has one of the biggest impacts among the top wedding dress designers in Kenya.

The pieces are inspired by a collection of Ethiopian and French perfection, and they mirror the glorious detail of these two backgrounds.Their ready made collection has all the bits that bring all the elements into a complete piece. Their custom-made options also give numerous options to make true their wedding dress wishes.

Their wide scope in style matters gives the bride an unlimited array of designer pieces.

Top Wedding Dress Designers in Kenya - Kenyan Weddings

Source: Wambui Mukenyi

5. Bekina Bridal Selection

Making a grand impact in the fashion design world is no mean feat, especially when it involves the creation of a fab gown collection. As an all-around wedding attire solutions provider, Bekina Bridal understands this clearly. They see the significance that the piece has and take utmost detail in creating the perfect dress.

The inspiration varies and is drawn from all the traditional to the mainstream aspects indicating all aspects of a proper wedding dress. This has built the brand as the go-to place to find the bride’s desired perfect piece.

They also involve the bride-to-be in the design process when it comes to custom-made pieces. The bride gets to play an active role in the beautiful process of bringing forth their dream wedding gown.

6. Wambui Mukenyi

Boasting some of the most creative perceptions in the domain of her creations is what has set her apart as a top Kenyan designer. Wambui Mukenyi has painted the broadest strokes in making the perfect portfolio for a masterpiece design collection.

The self-taught designer has been making ripples in the fashion scene. Her work has made her stand out as one of the top wedding dress designers in Kenya.The pieces are a combination of a chic and sophistication with a glam bit of simplicity. They mainly embody all the different tastes that a would-be bride would be inclined to have.

The artist and visionary’s bridal collection became one of the most talked about fashion benchmarks in 2014. Their inspiration is drawn from a wide array of aspects, and this makes them versatile in their nature and appealing to diverse preferences.

7. Bezalel House of Creations

Detailed expressions through your wedding dress is the primary aim of the design team’s effort. The gown, an entity of serene style in and of itself, should be the mirror of these qualities. These background style principles are what directs the bridal collection of this fashion house.

Bezalel’s  keen eye for the detail in their pieces is what has made them expand their horizons having a host of the top wedding dress designers in Kenya. Their bridal collection, just like the rest of their fashion is a catalog of urban themes with a Kenyan touch.

The inspiration is mainly focused on bringing the complimentary features of the African figure. This results in a classy expression of bridal bliss. This has made them create some pretty chic pieces customized to meet the bride’s desires.

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8. Hawi Creations and Wedding Planners

Having a specialized bridal team is a luxury not a lot of people are keen on acquiring but the trend these days is quickly catching up. Hawi Creations prides itself in being one of the few bridal and fashion houses that bring all the elements in one package. Their designs have also seen them grow as one of the top wedding dress designers in Kenya.

The inspiration behind the gems that are their wedding gowns is drawn from the spirit of being in harmony with love and completeness. This is incarnated in the designs and gives that beautiful touch with exclusive finishes to the pieces.

The wedding dress collection features world-class designs anchored on a Kenyan authenticity range. This appeal has enabled them to rise among both the patriotic and the adventurous tastes of different would-be brides. Their ready-made pieces give the subtlety and elegant majesty of a wedding dress in the most complete of ways.

9. Bliss Bridal

The perfect wedding dress should not only manifest the details in the style and design but also reflect the essence of the big day. This is part of what Bliss Bridal’s design team gives in the creative process of making the wedding dress.

Bliss has one of the highest online positive reviews and highest customer satisfaction ratings. It’s clear to see why they dominate among the top wedding dress designers in Kenya from their design spectrum. The inspiration behind their pieces is a wholeness in purity.

Their range of dresses includes ready-made urban designs to suit the mainstream, traditional look. They also cater for the and edgy for the adventurous. They also custom design to suit the bride’s desired taste.

10. Elle Bridal

Getting the most value out of a fashion item while creating a grand piece is a balance that not many can find, let alone master. This is where Elle Bridal distinguishes itself. They have some of the most affordable yet classy ranges of wedding dresses.

The blend of beauty, quality and affordability are the main driving force for their collection. This inspired gracefulness has seen them rise to be among the top wedding dress designers in Kenya. Their pieces more than personify this grandness.

Their range features a brochure of modern designs accessorized with personalized features. This is especially expressed in the custom-made designs.

Wedding Dress Designers in Kenya

11. TeKay Designs

The awesome reputation that comes with having a huge creative reputation is what great designers crave for. Of course, great work accompanies it, and this is what Tekay Designs is known for. Their steady growth to becoming a top wedding dress designer in Kenya is attributed to this.

Design range is mainly inspired by pearl African themed modern glimpses. The finishing and detail varies but is mainly given an edgy turn-around to bond the elements in the dress. So if you fancy a Maasai touch to the pure white design glory, you are sorted here.

The range has some of the widest creative ideas into each of the dresses. The elements in the dresses, from the jewelry to the finishing can also be custom-made to fit the brides’ needs.

12. Ihsani Culture House

Standards in the fashion design scene are nothing short of exemplary. That’s why finding the niche that sets a designer apart is crucial. Ihsani Culture House has branded itself to stand among the greats in this fashion sphere.

Using ‘The New Ethnicity’ as it’s branding theme, the flow has been made to reflect in their pieces. Their wedding dresses are the ultimate fusion of different cultures and inspirations. Their pieces personify and promise the bride classic to the trendy a modern touch to loveliness.

Wedding dress collections are updated on a yearly basis to keep up with the season’s fabric and silhouettes trends. Their versatility in their whole fashion line also ensures the creative elements are incorporated into the wedding dresses.

13. Kaladria House of Designs

All round style and fashion solutions are what distinguishes a proper design house. Kaladria has made this distinction as a fashion powerhouse and top wedding dress designer in Kenya.

Inspiration varies from the ethnic-chic to the mainstream urban influences. The details also come in a range of accessorized pearl patterns and African finishing. This form of versatility satisfies the style cravings of countless would-be-brides in Kenya.

The catalog of dresses includes some pretty bits and pieces that create different complete designs. A custom-made option is available for those keen on playing an active role in the creative process of their dress.

14. Kimila Africa

Fancy the most conclusive African based wedding theme? Then you’re in for a treat here. Having some of the most admirable qualities in their creations especially in chic is what distinguishes them from the rest. It has an established theme in working through cultural beauty strong points.

The inspiration is obviously the diversity that comes from the African landscape and the interactions of cultures. From the beads to the fabrics to the beautiful patterns of the African signature. African textiles are the canvas for their creations are naturally accessorized in beautiful ways.

15. Emstene Creations

The perfect wedding dress should not only embody the crest of a design template but also the essence of the wedding day. Emstene Creations captures this in the pieces they create. Boasting some of the unique designs has expanded their base and made them one of the top wedding dress designers in Kenya.

There is a lot of inspirational basis on the elements that create the dress structures. This varies, from world-class patterns to African inspired perspectives. This diversity and genuineness have grown their reputation immensely. This provides some stylish ways to express the wedding theme effectively.

16. Aataya Fashions

Affordable options on a wedding dress can be a bit hard to find especially when seeking a proper wedding dress. This understanding is what moved Aataya Fashions to expand their wedding dress gowns into an affordable, stylish collection. This has aided them in becoming one of the top wedding dress designers in Kenya.

Their style comprises of a variety of inspired pieces that reflect timeless styles in modern and urban themes. There is also a customized option giving the bride the creative options to make their dream wedding dress.


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