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A Guide to Wearing Khaki Shorts for Men

So, you absolutely enjoy the comfort and versatility that you feel when you are wearing your favorite clothes, be it a pair of jeans, a cozy sweater, some nice sneakers, a warm hoodie or some awesome khaki shorts. But, maybe you aren’t sure if wearing khaki shorts for men is appropriate for a particular situation.

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Or, maybe you think wearing shorts for men should not be up for debate, because you really don’t care if it’s ok or not to wear khaki shorts to work. Or, perhaps you just don’t care that you’re the only one rocking shorts to a wedding.

If this sounds like you, then read on! This is our guide on how to style khaki shorts for men so that, even if you do feel absolutely comfortable, you don’t find yourself making a fashion faux pas.

Tips for Wearing Khaki Shorts for Men

wearing khaki shorts for men

Why should I wear shorts in the first place?

There are shorts of all kinds, which all serve different functions and exhibit different fashions. Shorts can convey a sense of relaxation, they are multifunctional and they can keep you cool when it’s warm out. Khaki shorts are a great selection for the appropriate situations for several reasons as mentioned. However, wearing shorts for men isn’t always the right choice. It all depends on the circumstance and your sense of comfort.

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What are some appropriate locations for wearing khaki shorts for men?

  • At the beach.
  • To the mall.
  • For playing golf.
  • Attending a concert.
  • Heading out to the zoo with your family for the day.
  • Watching a sporting event.
  • Taking the family dog to the park for an afternoon.
  • Going for happy hour with your friends.
  • While playing tennis.
  • At the movies.
  • Taking a joyride.
  • Getting brunch on Sunday fun day!

wearing khaki shorts for men
wearing khaki shorts for men

What are some inappropriate locations for wearing khaki shorts for men?

  • To a wedding.
  • While attending a meeting with a client.
  • Going to a romantic dinner with your wife or girlfriend.
  • Happy hour with coworkers.

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If you are still unsure if wearing men’s shorts is appropriate for an upcoming situation, just stick by these wise words from GQ: “It’s less about ‘never wear shorts’ or ‘sandals on men are offensive’ and more about whether or not the man wearing this stuff knows how to pull it all off. But for guys who are self-conscious or unsure of themselves, those old rules are there to help you.” So, it’s ok to be seen wearing khaki shorts for men, just not all the time!


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