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Wear Women’s Timberland Boots And Still Be Fashionable

Timberland boots have recently become more popular than ever and an increasingly amount of people have been stocking up on the newest footwear trend. Everyone who wears Timberland boots does not have to be a construction worker or work in a hardcore job, as the image of Timberland boots once had the image of. There are countless ways to wear women’s Timberland boots and still be as fashionable and trendy as ever.

Elegant Ways to Wear Women’s Timberland Boots

1. Wash Jeans and coat

Timberland boots go great in the winter with dark wash jeans, a stealth colored pea coat, scarf and a beanie the color that is similar to the Timberland boots.


2. Jeans and sweater

A couple of different ways to wear women’s Timberland boots are with jeans, but of a different color and pair it with a long-sleeve button up, topped with a sweater, or just one of the two (a long sleeve button-up or a sweater).



3. Tights and cardigan

If you have the longer Timberland boots that come below the kneecap, then pair it with a pair of black tights, a mid thigh dress with a long cardigan and tie a belt around your waist. This creates an amazing dimensioned layered look.



4. With Leggings

In looking for different ways to wear women’s Timberland boots, do no forget about the famous, leggings. Leggings can be dressed up or dressed down, however when going with Timberland boots, try them with black leggings, a jersey and an oversized open sweater or jacket, rolled up at the sleeves.


5. Vest or t-shirt

When imagining the various ways to wear women’s Timberland boots, do not forget that you can also go simple. A pair of ripped jeans with a white t-shirt, and perhaps a flannel shirt wrapped around your waist.


6. Timberlands with Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are also a new way that some people have been taking this style when looking for ways to wear women’s Timberland boots. Cargo pants that are camouflage or forest green is a good way to go if you are looking for a relaxed image.

y7. Stockings and skirt

In all of the ways to wear women’s Timberland boots, if it is your desire to dress it up and you have Timberland boots that stop mid-calf, try black stockings with a dark colored mid thigh length skirt and a cardigan or sweater that stops at the top of your skirt. Also, you can pair your skirt with a shirt as well if it is too hot.

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In all of the ways to wear women’s Timberland boots, there’s the top seven, but of course the possibilities are endless and you can use your creative mind to come up with even more ways to wear women’s Timberland boots.


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