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How to Wear Men’s Fedora Hats-Fedora Rules

The Fedora hat is such an iconic symbol that low-grade manufacturers will call anything with a brim a fedora hat regardless of the accuracy. However, for those purists who strictly wear men’s fedora hats, a fedora has pinched sides and a lengthwise crease. These give the front a shape that looks like a wedge. One thing that has played to it popularity is flat brim with no edge that can be flipped upwards or downwards depending on how they wear men’s fedora hats.

The Fedora can be a potent arsenal as a man’s accessory and can make either a persuasive or regrettable impression. A fedora not only covers your head but also reveals part of your character, it is and therefore crucial to master how to wear men’s fedora hats, or you will risk the danger of having the hat wearing you. Below are some simple rules that will help you along the way.

                      Tips on How to Wear Men’s Fedora Hats

wear men's fedora hats

1. Buy a real Fedora

There are many manufacturers out there claiming to sell fedora hats. However, these hats will make ou look cheap. Ensure that you buy 100-percent fut felt. A decent hat may cost you over $100 but will last you for generations and will be your first step on how to wear men’s fedora hats.

2. Don’t Buy Rack, Choose a Hat That Looks Good on You

You may find a hat that looks great, but it is not a guarantee that it will look good on you. Therefore, consider the size and shape of your head before buying a fedora. For those who want to wear men’s fedora hats as part of their daily routine, look for a good shop and play around with different hats until you find the perfect one.

3. Choose sane colors

Anything other than black, olive, grey, navy, brown or tan, simply walk away. Your Fedora should also match the color of your jacket. A color can crash your style, even a color that is two shades different from your jacket can destroy your look. However, some colors still go well together such as a grey hat with a navy jacket.

4. Confidence is key

Confidence is key when you want to wear men’s fedora hats. Just find a good angle that suits you and once the hat is sitting correctly on your head leave it there and mind your business.

5. Be a gentleman

When visiting a restaurant or part of a larger building or just at home, take off your hat.

Remember the key to wear men’s fedora hats is to wear it until people associate it with you.


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