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Vijana na Equity Fashion Design Competition: You Missed This?

If you were not aware, there is an ongoing fashion design competition organized by the Equity Bank Group. Actually, the event started on November 3, 2014 and aspiring designers had a period of 3 weeks to submit their entries. So, if you did not submit yours, wait until another opportunity pops up. I hope it won’t take ages. Nevertheless, this is a great initiative that is intended to identify talented designers nation-wide. It provides designers an opportunity to gauge their skills and improve their work. For upcoming designers, the Vijana na Equity initiative provides a great breakthrough towards attainment of your desired goals.

Only 40 entries were chosen from the submissions by a panel of professional fashion design judges for the next stage of the competition. Interested designers were allowed to choose a category they were well versed with from a wide range of categories. This gave them the opportunity to present the best of their works since there was only a chance of submitting one entry per candidate. The good thing is that everything was to be completed via an online portal specifically designed for the competition. Thanks to technology this saved guys all the hassles you can imagine.

If you missed the chance to submit your entry, you still have a chance to vote for designers you like. Time is also ticking, so you better do it early enough if you really want to. Some of you have friends who were lucky enough to fall among the top 40 Vijana na Equity contestants. So, you can help them win the juicy cash prizes, but don’t expect them to share should that be what you expect in return. Just kidding!! Oooh yes, there is no ballot boxes for casting the votes. I know that would be terrible. All you have to do is visit the profile link of the designer of your choice and vote for him or her. No voter registration. No queues and waiting. No identity cards. Ooops sorry. It’s just a matter of minutes and you are done.

Have you heard about the prizes? If not, you will regret why you failed to submit your entry. Though, it is not that very unfortunate because there might still be another opportunity coming. Okay. The top 40 Vijana na Equity contestants will have the privilege to attend a Financial Management Training under the Financial Knowledge for Africa, which will be offered by Equity Bank Foundation. Is this not great guys? The main aim of the training is to equip the contestants with skills and knowledge to run a business effectively. After the public voting, the top 3 contestants will walk away with cash prizes (and you missed it). One lucky contestant who will prove to the judges that he or she is the best will have a ONE bonus surprise Judges Award. Oooh, I have a good feeling about this. Finally, those with promising work will get internship opportunities at leading Fashion and Design houses in Nairobi. Yeah, does it sound good? I know it does.



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