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Types of Women’s Skirts You Should Own

It’s quite sad that the today woman does not embrace and appreciate skirts as it should be. Skirts are basically a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe. Skirts are versatile and can be paired with different tops to bring out a sophisticated look. Whichever types of skirts you choose to have in your closet, it will come handy in one way or another be it for an interview or just a normal and casual look. If you are looking to stock up a few skirts, here are a few tips on the types of women’s skirts that you should have.

Five Different Types of Women’s Skirts with Pictures

1. Pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is usually of knee-length and fitting. It is basically a wardrobe essential and a one of the stylish plus size skirts. It is more formal for the office setting but could also come in handy during a presentation or even a funeral. It’s a perfect combination once paired with a blazer or a nice formal blouse. This should definitely be one of the types of women’s skirts that you should own as it flatters most body sizes.

Types of women's skirts

Credit: Joy Kendi

2. Pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is usually looked down upon but it is one skirt that you ought to have. In whatever length whether mini or maxi you deem fit for your own personal style. The short pleated skirt would work great for a night out while the maxi would be perfect for a relaxed day probably over the weekend. Get yourself one in your preferred length and color and you will not be disappointed.


3. Maxi skirt

The maxi skirt is perfect for a relaxed look and makes a perfect plus size skirt. You could wear it to the beach, the weekend barbecue over at your friends or just for the weekend errands. It is unbelievably comfortable to be in and bring out a relaxed but sophisticated look. Be sure to add a hat and a pair of some cool sunglasses for your outfit.

types of women's skirt

Credit: Style Pantry

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4. Mini skirt

The mini skirt never goes out of seasons. This is perfect for a last minute event or concert. The mini skirt can be easily paired with a ton of tops for a perfect look. Always have one standby you never know when you might need a mini skirt and it will surely come in handy.

types of women's skirts

Credit Maureen Bandari

5. Skater skirt

The skater skirt is also among the popular types of women’s skirts that you should have in your closet. You can have it in different lengths which will also determine where you can wear them to. You can have a midi skirt for official purposes and a short one for a casual look.

types of women's skirts

Credit: Jadore Fashion

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These are the popular types of women’s skirts that you can style with almost any top. Pick something that suits you and gives you the look you desire. Don’t forget to make good color choices that can create a stunning mix-and-match.


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