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Six Types of Shoes for Women to Own

Types of women’s shoes tend to be one of the crazy obsessions, and you could shop for women’s designer shoes all day long as long as your bank account allows you. Most women tend to choose shoes prior to picking their desired outfits. Shoes define who we are, and most importantly they describe our personal style as women, and the stylish woman will definitely know how to style any type of shoe be it a pair of flat ballet shoes or sandals, sneakers, heels, or even a pair of boots. Here is a list of six types of shoes for women to add to your collection.

Types of Shoes for Women to Try

Types of Shoes for Women to Own

1) Black pumps

The black pumps are definitely one of the types of women’s heels to own. This shoe goes with almost anything the more reason as to why it’s a must have. It works well, especially when going for an interview or your first day at a new workplace. Black pumps for women can also be worn to neutralize your outfit if you have chosen to go for a brightly colored outfit this shoe will automatically bring balance to your style.

Six Types of Shoes for Women to Own

2)  Ballet flats

Women’s ballet flats are the most comfortable type of shoes for women that every lady must own. They are the best choice for a day full of errands and a lot of working. When choosing the women’s ballet flats, opt for a more bright color as this can be used to brighten up your outfit making it pop. The ballet flats go well with almost every outfit be it the jeans, jeggings, leggings, maxi dresses/skirts, short floral dresses or even just a pair of shorts. They are ideal women’s dress shoes for different occasions.

Six Types of Shoes for Women to Own

3)  Casual sneakers

Women’s fashion sneakers work perfectly for a relaxed weekend mood or even a busy weekend. They can be easily paired with a pair of jeans or even dresses alike, and perfect women’s comfort shoes indeed. Women’s high top sneakers are comfortable and you will sure need them on if you are planning for a busy sports weekend.

Six Types of Shoes for Women to Own










4)  Flat sandals

The sandals will keep you comfy over a sunny weekend and will also allow your feet to breathe especially if you spend most of your weekdays in closed shoes and heels. Women’s sandals go well with absolutely any outfit, jeans, small sun dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, maxi dresses and skirts. Get a pair or two fancy flat leather sandals to rock over the weekend for a relaxed and sophisticated look and also get to show off your pedicure. You can pair almost anything with these types of shoes for women.

Six Types of Shoes for Women to Own











5)  Ankle boots

Women’s ankle boots can be worn during any type of weather but especially during the cold weather. They keep you warm while still giving you a fancy look. Keeping warm doesn’t necessarily mean to look boring and the ankle boots are among the popular types of women’s shoes. While shopping for a pair of ankle boots for ladies, opt for a pair that’s fancy and one with a good and comfortable heel. However, for a first pair go for a dull color but if you have several of them you can go as bright as you want. Some cute women’s ankle boots outfits include jeggings, leggings, and short fancy dresses.

Six Types of Shoes for Women to Own

6)  Converse

The converse is the one type of women’s shoes that never goes out of fashion. It’s trendy and above all, it’s the most comfortable shoe that anyone and everyone should own. Women’s converse shoes boast a full ray of colors, and it’s easy to get the color of your choice. The converse works perfectly well with anything! Dresses/skirts (both short and Maxis), jeggings, leggings, jeans, jumpsuits, and a pair of shorts and they always give your outfit and edge and keep it classy. Women’s converse sneakers are must-have types of shoes for women.

Six Types of Shoes for Women to Own








Try these types of shoes for women to style your desired look for any occasion and day. Choose whatever women’s outfits you feel comfortable with and look glamorous!

  • Trendy Afande

    I wasn’t aware it’s spelled as pumps………I always thought it was pams.Nice article

  • Reedfashionmag

    Nice one, Trendy Afande 🙂 Pam should mean a funny person. So, if you have a funny, long-haired person, she can be dubbed pam.

    Essentially, it’s how many people pronounce PUMPS —- “PAMS” —

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