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7 Different Types of Men’s Shorts

Are you looking for some trendy men’s long or short shorts to stay cool in heat or wear on a tropical vacation? Seven different types of men’s shorts you can choose from this year are:

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Different Types of Men’s Shorts to Own

1. Denim

One of the types of men’s shorts you might not think are still trendy, but are would be the denim shorts. Denim shorts are stylish, yet classic and are outstanding for any jean loving man to wear with a good old fashion tee shirt and sneakers, flip-flops or sandals.

Types of men's shorts - denim

2. Safari

These types of men’s shorts are trendy with their safari shades of brown, greens, blues and white. The length of them is typically right above the knee with pouches and pockets of all sizes to carry your accessories in such as your wallet, keys, cell phone, or a lighter

Types of men's shorts - safari

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3. Sports

When looking for types of men’s shorts for doing physical activities in whether it be hiking, fishing, running, riding bikes, walking, jogging, working out at the gym, or playing volleyball in the sand, sports shorts are the ones to choose. The shorts come in all sizes, colors, lengths, and lightweight materials.

Types of men's shorts - Sport

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4. Plain Old Classic

Anytime a man wants something plain and old fashion, the old classic shorts will do. They provide coverage of the thighs while buttoning and zipping up in the front along with two front pockets, belt loop, and two back pockets. Classic shorts go great with any kind of top, footwear and some accessories such as a watch, thin belt, and sunglasses.

Types of men's shorts - Plain old

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5. Bermuda

These types of men’s shorts come in all different kinds of materials such as denim and cotton and design to cover the legs down to the knees. They come in all different colors such as browns, blacks, blues, greens, and reds. Some even have patterns such as tropical flowers, plaid, stripes and polka dots. They typically look good with loose button up shirts and a good pair of sandals or flip-flops.

Types of men's shorts - Bermuda

6. Baggy Plaid

For loose fitting shorts, baggy plaid shorts are in for men. They are lightweight and comfortable, always have huge pockets for storing wallets and sunglasses, and they always go great with tank tops and solid colored tees.

Types of men's shorts - Baggy Plaid

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7. Beach Short

Men’s shorts that are great for vacations on the beach or just a lazy weekend by the pool. They are short in size and made from lightweight fabric. Typically, these men’s short shorts come in floral, printed of pattern designs and are perfect to be styled with t-shirts or loose vests.

Types of men's shorts - Beach short

With all these types of men’s shorts, you can sure dress for all occasions properly while staying cool in the heat while looking trendy and fashionable.

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