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4 Types of Hair Extensions – Get Thick and Long Hair Fast

4 Types of Hair Extensions

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Decades ago only women who were rich and famous wore extra long hair extensions. We saw women with flowing hair on the cover of magazines and singers walking the red carpet with different types of hair extensions – Smile to the camera!

Nowadays, hair extensions methods have become quite common for everyone. The different hair extension types are just part of the arsenal in our beauty toolbox. Extensions are an easy way to add to our length as well as to the thickness of our hair.

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This simple addition changes the overall look of a person’s natural hair. They also differ in color and style. All of these choices are a good thing. Yes, having numerous types of extra long hair extensions means there are more hairstyle looks available to you. Now let’s review some of your options to get long hair with extensions.

Types of Hair Extensions for Long and Thick Hair

1. Heat Free Hair Extensions

I love this protective style. Heat free protein bond hair extensions are made of keratin, which makes them quite similar to natural hair. The best hair can match and blend with your own natural hair. It works well with curl patterns in 3B through 4C. This type of long curly hair extensions are attached to your hair using ultrasonic vibrations.

4 Types of Hair Extensions

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2. Bonded Extensions

Bonded extensions are also one of the popular types of hair extensions.  If you want to add length, this may be your best bet. In a nutshell, this process requires that you attach clusters of the hair close to your scalp. If done correctly, your natural hair should blend seamlessly with the extensions. It should not be noticeable that you are wearing your bonded extensions.

This process has two options:

  1. A cold method that is used on fine hair using sonic technology.
  2. A hot method, which is good for most ladies and requires glue to seal the extensions to the base of your hair.
4 Types of Hair Extensions

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3. Weft Hair Extensions

The weft hair extensions methods are also popular. They are relatively cheap and quite easy to attach to your hair. They are known for making your hair swing since they are not attached near the scalp. In addition, they are primarily used as a technique for permanent long black hair extensions that are sewn in. The individual strands are tied by hand to create a secure weft.

4 Types of Hair Extensions

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4. Clip In Extensions

Long clip-in extensions are normally used as temporary extensions. They are less expensive than other types of hair extensions, but that does not mean they are poor in quality. Perhaps the best thing about long clip in hair extensions is that they can be easily attached and removed, making them ideal for people who like to change their look often. All you need to do is clip in your extensions and you can remove them just as easily.

4 Types of Hair Extensions

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