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Six Best Makeup Artists in Kenya

Kenyan makeup artists have the task of transforming or enhancing the appearance of a person in the most professional and timely fashion. Their work imbues beauty and entices the senses making the overall energy in the perception of a person shift. Makeup artists in Kenya have the capacity to evoke different reactions in different makeup structures.

Here are Some of Best Makeup Artists in Kenya

1. Muthoni  Njoba

She is one of the most sought-after makeup artists in Kenya. She is the CEO of Make-Up Lounge, a leading brand in the makeup services. Her brand supports a team of artists providing a platform for their artistic expression. It also minimizes exploitation and helps them earn and be successful in what they do.  Her work shows a touch of professionalism and creativity in the same breath. She has also introduced body art in Kenya, which is a new scope for the Kenyan fashion scene.

Muthoni Njoba

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2. Suzie Wokabi

Having won 2013 Most Influential Women in Kenya, it’s easy to see given her exemplary work in the makeup world. She is passionate about bringing forth a reputable name to her profession and this lead to her creating Kenya’s makeup and accessories brand. As one of the best Kenyan makeup artists, she has made it a complete go-to place for all the make-up needs for modern woman through products that are affordable and authentic. She provides makeup services for a wide range of clientele including Television and Film. She has been featured in a host of prominent magazine titles including Italian Vogue. She also collaborates with other key players in the fashion world such as Kiko Romeo’s Ann McCreath.

Suzie Wokabi

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3. Karen Macharia

She’s the CEO of Faces by Karsha. A former marketer at Etihad Airways, she risked and left her job to pursue her passion for beauty. She established herself as as one of the prominent makeup artists in Kenya showing that the risk was all worth it. Her work has seen her become one of Kenya’s leading make-up artists and also a top member of True Love and Drum Magazine’s makeup team.

Karen Macharia

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4. Njanja Kimani

She became a fully-fledged makeup artist officially in 2013 after it being an on and off kind of thing. Since then she’s been making her broad strokes in the art. She has been featured as a Kenyan makeup artist in the Coke Studio Africa show where she was responsible for taking care of the performing artists appearance off and on stage.

Njanja Kimani

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5. Kangai Mwiti

Her YouTube Channel is arguably Africa’s pioneer and leading makeup tutorial channel. She offers do-it-yourself tutorials that give women a glimpse on how to personally have a professional touch to their makeup sessions; an artistic and social way that makeup artists in Kenya can take advantage of. She has also expanded her brand to include photography and videographer.

Kangai Mwiti

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6. Wacuka Thimba

She is a professional Kenyan freelance makeup artist based in Nairobi. She began as an assistant to another Kenyan makeup artist before embarking on her own. Some of her exquisite work is featured in True Love magazine. She cites Pat McGrath and Suzie Wokabi among the artists that inspire her work. She works mostly with brides, musicians and photographers.

Wacuka Thimba

With such top makeup artists in Kenya, you surely know where to go or whom to seek help from. Whether you are planning a wedding or a beauty event, these are the top Kenyan makeup artists you should be making calls to (that is if you want their services).

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