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Top Six Kenyan Fashion Brands

There are Kenyan fashion brands that stand out in the local fashion industry and become household names because of their impeccable designs and outstanding finishes. Most of these brands are spearheaded by some of the top Kenyan fashion designers who use their creativity to create striking designs. So, you may want to know some of these fashion brands in Kenya.

Top Kenyan Fashion Brands to Know

1. Mille Collines

This is a fashion brand born in Africa. The brand has numerous creations that incorporate the African look and casual framework. Some of their most notable pieces are some pleated pants for men and Ruziga dress minis that excel in showcasing the traditional look with the modern appeal. Although Millie Collines is one of the Kenyan fashion brands, it also supports families in Rwanda by having designs crafted from their women. Some of these designs include The Mini Kwagu Ring, which is a beautiful and elegant, lush color accessory.

2. One Way

This brand has a modern touch that’s casual and vibrant yet comfy. One Way uses the ‘Kikoi’ material as the basis for most of their finished products. This Kenyan feel that blends with the modern design needs leave a great impression on the whole scheme of their creations. They have found a way to take seamlessly the material and create a whole range of lovely apparel. Their Kenyan designer dresses are chic and classy and cater for the whole family too.

3. Kazuri

This brand specializes in hand-made ceramic accessories. Their meticulously crafted pieces include a broad range of beads, necklaces, and earrings that reflect the bona fide spirit of Kenya. The pieces are detailed in their designs and outlines. This is what makes Kazuri one of Kenya’s top fashion brands.

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4. Sandstorm Kenya

As one of Kenyan fashion brands, their work is crafted from locally sourced materials. Their products reflect an aura of distinctive Kenyanness and authenticity from structure to their detailed finishes. Some of the materials are also sourced from Tanzania such as all cotton canvas. The products are handmade to reflect a laid back yet exquisite taste to meet prospective aesthetic needs. Some of Sandstorm Kenya‘s products include work bags, which offer ample space for portable work accessories while maintaining the fashion aspect at the same time. Also, according to their website, they make deliveries within 48 hours after orders are made.

5. Adele Dejak

This Kenyan fashion brand creates jewelry and accessories targeted to meet the varying needs of every woman. From gorgeous bracelets to African-inspired handbags, they make pieces that incorporate artifact and modern design that crafts into tastefully fashionable states. They use Kuba cloth wax print and even recycled materials Handmade to bring out that touch of class into their products. The designer of these works of art is Adele Dejak. As of the top Kenyan fashion designers, she commands a creative team of artists that work hand in hand to produce the pieces.

6. Adelphi Leather

This brand specializes in 100 percent Kenyan leather. Adelphi Leather was established in 1998 and their designs are usually showcased at some of the top Kenyan fashion events. The brand has made a niche for itself by being one of the pioneers in the Kenyan leather fashion industry. Its pieces are carefully crafted to embody style and a brilliant touch of class. Their products include women’s handbags, wallets and other adornments that ooze authenticity, a true mark of a top Kenyan fashion brand.


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