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Six Top Male Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

Fashion blogging in Kenya has bloomed in recent years to become the one-stop go-to online link for fashionistas. There have been numerous popular female fashion bloggers in Kenya, but it’s only recently that the males have made their grand entry into this seemingly female-dominated sphere. There are top male Kenyan fashion bloggers who have become household names in the Kenyan fashion industry.

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Top Male Kenyan Fashion Bloggers to Follow

1. Franklin Saiyalel

He is arguably Kenya’s top male fashion blogger. He has grown to become quite proficient in the handling of all matters fashion, for the modern Kenyan male. His blog,, showcases different fashion items, events, and tips for fashion enthusiasts.

Male Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

2. Muriuki Kagiri

The first thing that strikes you in his blog is the simplicity and contrasting elegance in the layout and pictures on his page. He is the creator of one of Kenya’s top fashion blogs, The content contains a clear illustration of his fashion sense, and it’s clear why he’s blooming as one of top male fashion bloggers in Kenya. He was 2015 winner of the MIMI Fashion Blogger Contest.

Male Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

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3. Kyle D Wahome

He is the co-founder of Lifestyle Spread, and one of the youngest top male Kenyan fashion bloggers. As of January 2016, he is pursuing a degree in Computer Science, and he is a writer who contributes to various tech and fashion magazines and still finds time to bring forth fashion statements through his blog.  Kyle has been silent on his blogging, let’s not speculate anything but hope he is going to surprise us with juicy stuff once he surface.

Male Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

4. Fred  Anyona

He is a fashionista and stylist who is quickly becoming a force to reckon with as a top male Kenyan fashion blogger. He mostly uses social media, especially Instagram, to showcase different styles and appeal ranging from jewellery to chic outfits for the fashionable Kenyan male.

Male Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

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5. Olav Arthur Mburu

He is the founder of Arthur’s Fashion World that later changed its name to The Lifestyle Spread when he joined hands with  Kyle Wahome to bring out the revamped version of his previous blog. He has been trendsetting as one of the top male Kenyan fashion bloggers and has been nominated for numerous fashion awards.

Male Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

6. Ian Mussilli

He is one stylist and fashionista to look out for. His reputation has allowed to describe himself as a stylist, fashion consultant and entrepreneur. It’s not so hard to see why he’s on our list of top male bloggers in Kenya. His sense of style reflects a deep, sophisticated look. He mostly adorns formal attire as his trademark.

Male Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

Like female bloggers, top male Kenyan fashion bloggers share the same roles in the fashion scene. They showcase their unique styles and ideas to their audience and serve it with a different flair; just the way you want it.

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