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Top 10 Kenyan Fashion Designers

The Kenyan fashion industry has seen a tremendous growth in the past few years, and this can be attributed to Kenyan fashion designers who play a vital role in creating the optimum flow for this robustness. These talented and creative Kenyan clothes designers have worked independently or with several Kenyan fashion houses to sketch beautiful fashion designs for brands and the consumers.

Popular Kenyan Fashion Designers

1. Faith ‘Manciny’ Migwi

She established herself in 2012, and one of her pioneering creations is a men’s bag with an eco-friendly design. She is mostly into men’s wear. Her designs bring out chic and simplicity in their details. She is one of the several Kenyan fashion designers owning a brand, Eqo-Chic, which stays true to her theme of eco-friendliness and elegant fashion appeal. Materials that she uses include VHS tapes and recycled plastic that are woven and made into elegant yet simple colors and forms.

Top Kenya Fashion Designers

2. Mercy Makena

Mercy started small, actually from the downtown market of Ngara. From there on she’s made her mark through her diligent works of art becoming a top fashion designer in Kenya. Her work is African-inspired and reveals her passion and prowess to bring her work to life. She gets her fabric from China, which is of admirable quality and her finished products reflect the ingenuity of her work.

Top Kenya Fashion Designers

3. Ann McCreath

Her Brand, Kiko Romeo, which loosely translates to ‘Adam’s Apple,’ is based in Nairobi. Their work is African-inspired and shows Ann’s initial idea of wanting to bring out a traditional touch to a contemporary look that is Kenyan made. As top African fashion designer, she designs patterned and print finishes that accentuate the African spirit and diversity in both men’s and women’s clothing.

Top Kenya Fashion Designers

4. Wambui Mukenyi

Wambui is a self- taught Kenyan fashion designer who creates luxurious fabric attire with a notable touch of African style. Her pieces are for ladies and brandish a tangible glimpse of class and elegance showing a mark of a top Kenyan clothing designer. Her collection includes dresses with patterned designs, skirts with bold colored schemes and she also does Kenyan bridal dresses.

Top Kenya Fashion Designers

5. John Kaveke

He is one of the male Kenyan fashion designers. His pieces are multifaceted in their design aspect. He makes stylish pieces for both men and women and some of his work have been featured in numerous International catwalks such as M-Net Face Africa in Nigeria and the Big Brother Africa house in South Africa.

Top Kenya Fashion Designers

6. Evelyne Adongo

Evelyene is one of the successful and creative Kenyan fashion designers. Her high-end fashion brand, Akinyi Odongo, makes chic pieces for the modern woman. Her work reflects innovativeness and luxurious finishes. She has taken part in numerous Kenya fashion events and also makes designs for Kenya’s First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta.

Kenyan Fashion Designers7. Deepa Dosaja

Deepa Dosaja was born in Nairobi but later moved to Canada where she received her degree in fashion design. Her brand brings out a stylish, high-class feel that appeals both to the expanding Kenyan fashion industry and internationally too. Ranking among the top Kenyan fashion designers, she designs pieces that show a consistency in harmony and a touch of wildness in the prints.

Top Kenya Fashion Designers

8. Liz Ogumbo

This multi-talented Kenyan fashion designer owns the Imani House of Fashion. Her pieces reflect enticing and attractive African designs. She has displayed her work in numerous fashion events internationally such as the South African Fashion Week. She also models and is a musician and author.

Top Kenya Fashion Designers

9. Patricia Mbela

Patricia Mbela is the founder of Poises and one of the Kenyan fashion designers. She specializes in African-inspired art and brings this into her apparel and jewelry. Her work has seen her receive the Top Kenyan Fashion and Jewelry Designer in 2014 Kenyan Fashion Week. She crafts designs for both men and women.

Top Kenya Fashion Designers

10. Wambui Njogu

She is the founder of Moocow fashion brand and her work ranks her among the top fashion designers in Kenya. She specializes in producing fashion dresses, linen separates, and leather waistcoats. Her designs offer a traditional look such as her Turkana Aprons. Her designs are inspired by Kenya from the raw materials to the artistry that is reflected in the pieces. She is the one on your right-hand side.

Top Kenya Fashion Designers


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