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Exclusive and Top Annual Fashion Events in Kenya to Attend

Fashion events in Kenya are the hallmark of trends and style. They, therefore, have to be top notch when it comes to bringing forth the ultimate showcasing opportunity. They give the opportune moments for models, designers, fashion lovers and modeling agencies in Kenya to exhibit and experience fashion. Top annual fashion events in Kenya have the capacity to bring all these elements to one venue.

Top Annual Fashion Events in Kenya to Attend

1. Nairobi Fashion Market

It has been voted as one of Kenya’s top fashion events. It has an award to back up the bragging rights to the title. It is one of the largest outdoor retail events and brings together designers, and retailers to exhibit their high fashion products. The products range from jewelry to men’s and women’s outfits.

top annual fashion events in kenya - nairobi fashion market

2. Nairobi Fashion Week

It’s a top annual fashion event in Kenya that aims in celebrating the different facets of African culture.It brings together different designers showcasing their designs on catwalks complete with a red carpet intro to top it all up. It gives top Kenyan designers and brands to showcase their creations.

top annual fashion events in kenya

3. Fashion and Tex Kenya

This is one of the country’s bench-marking events in all matters fashion. It’s a four-day event that integrates all elements of fashion under one roof, from apparel to jewelry, beauty products, and even textile fabrics.

top annual fashion events in kenya - fashion and tyex

4. Kenyan Fashion Awards

It’s an annual award event that is held to recognize the different stakeholders in the Kenya’s fashion community. It is Kenya’s top awarding fashion event. It aims to honor and recognize designers photographers and bloggers and journalists.

Kenya Fashion Awards

5. Zen Fashion High Tea

It’s held at the lush Zen Garden made to celebrate the different fashion contributors.It features various high profile designers and clothing lines that showcase their products and designs. It’s a top Kenyan fashion event that is normally sold out.The intricate planning and the output from the various personalities who come together to make it a must-go fashion event in Kenya.

top annual fashion events in Kenya - Fashion-High-Tea_Raw

6. Festival for African Fashion and Arts (FAFA) Gala

With its theme as ‘Fashion for Peace’ it brings out the utmost significance in this theme with fashion and music elements.It brings together local and some international designers who showcase their designs and items with some of Kenya’s top models.

.top annual fashion events in kenya - fafa

7. International Exhibition for Fashion & Ready To Wear Industry

It is an international held at the KICC event that brings together all players in the local and international fashion scene. From designers to wholesale to companies and trade shops, it provides the perfect opportunity to showcase their goods and wares.

top annual fashion events in kenya

For fashion designers and models in Kenya, these are some of the events to have under the sleeve as they present lots of opportunities. So, identify one of these top annual fashion events in Kenya that you would like to attend and prep early enough.


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