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Summer Wedding Gowns for a Perfect Bride Look

Most of us look forward to getting married in pretty months of summer. Unarguably, the weather is seamless and almost everyone is taking a break from their universities and work. Besides, it’s a good time for the brides to shop for their summer wedding gowns. During the summers, a bride can choose from a variety of wedding gowns to create an unprecedented summer bridal look. Summers are, indisputably, the best time of the year for couples to hook up!

It is imperative for brides to look stunning on their big day, and what better way than starting to choose the right wedding gown. Although the summer months offer a good weather to take excellent wedding photos, these months are still the hottest time of the year. Therefore, it is essential for the brides to keep in mind a couple of pointers prior to making the purchases of their wedding gowns.

Below mentioned are a few of the essential tips, proven to be helpful while shopping for wedding gowns that create a flawless summer bride look for all brides willing to get married in summer. Read further to get tips on how to become the loveliest, the coolest bride of a summer wedding.

Summer Wedding Gowns for an Intimate Wedding Experience

#1 Choose Natural Fabrics

Consider cotton or silk when looking for a summer wedding gown. Silk is breathable and will play a vital role in keeping you cooler when the weather gets too balmy. Besides, silk also helps in creating a stunning bridal look for any outdoor celebration.

Cotton, particularly organic cotton too, is an excellent fabric to opt for summer bridal gowns. Organic cotton is grown without the help of toxic chemicals, making it better for the environment and the laborers who handle it. It wouldn’t be surprising to know that many well-known designers prefer using organic cotton in preparing summer wedding gowns for their clients.

So, ensure that you select organic cotton to create a spectacular and comfortable looking gown for your summer wedding.

Summer wedding gowns and dress - silk dress

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#2 Don’t Mind The Exposure

Brides love to show off their flawless skin and natural curves, and, therefore, you’re likely to see a lot of low back and illusion backs wedding gowns in summers. Thanks to several fashion weeks, the trend of the ultra-low back has reached to a whole new level and brides don’t mind carrying these trends ahead.

With a lot of tasteful cutouts, illusion panels, and peekaboo lace, your summer wedding gown is going to look incredibly tasteful and elegant.

summer wedding gowns - low back dresses

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#3 Bohemian Laces Style

For celebrations unfolding in warmer months, it’s worth trying a few of bohemian lace styles along with a relaxed lace gown for summer. Such a dress will exude a spectacular feminity offset. If you fancy giving a reference to Victorian or Edwardian influences, ensure that you opt for a contemporary take on heirloom styling, in addition to keeping makeup natural and hairstyle simple.

summer wedding gowns - Bohemian style

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#4 Lower Necklines

Along with lower backs, there are lower necklines that’s hitting the summer bridal gown trend. If you fancy trying something a little bold and audacious, take an adventure plunge with lower necklines. While speaking to your designer, you can also recommend making both high and low necklines work together in your wedding gown.

Summer wedding gowns - lower necklines

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#5 Consider Wearing A Bolero

It is ideal to look for a summer wedding gown that gives you the option of covering your shoulders with a bolero. A bolero will come in handy to keep the sun from burning your shoulders when you stand in the outdoors to exchange your vows with your partner and even in the evenings when it gets a bit cooler.

Summer wedding gowns - bolero style

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#6 Pants for An Extra Swagger

Wearing pants is totally appropriate for a walk down the aisle. Adding a white coloured tuxedo suit can look incredibly formal and powerful. Ensure that your trousers are well tailored and look classier when worn.

Ask your designer to get more creative with the silhouette.

summer wedding gowns - bridal pants

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#7 Try Shorter Dress

There is no rule of thumb that your wedding dress has to be long. In fact, summer is a perfect time to try something less conventional and wear a shorter summer wedding dress. Imagine wearing a scalloped lace overlay with a high boat neck. Go ahead and give your summer wedding dress a fun and retro look with loose and elbow length sleeves.

summer wedding gowns - short dresses

Photo Credit: Ali Express

A Quick Wrap!

Irrefutably, there are plenty of stunning and jaw-dropping wedding gowns out there, and we’d love to try them all out. But, there are certain wise things to do while shopping for a bridal gown to be worn in a summer month. The point is, don’t get impulsive and buy whichever bridal dress for summer you like at the first sight. Look for its functionality as well. After all, you also need to care for your personal comfort in any dress that you wear. It is not a good situation to be in when summer wedding gowns only look glamorous but is incredibly uncomfortable when worn.


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