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Styling Tips for Plus Size Men to Build Confidence

One thing that’s evident in men’s fashion is that their style is not as complicated as women’s. At its core, guys can just wear a simple shirt, a pair of jeans, and shoes, and they’re ready to go. Most of these gentlemen don’t necessarily follow a specific seasonal trend, because at the end of it all, comfort still reigns supreme. However, this isn’t to say that there are no definite styling tips for plus size men to follow. Of course in general, everyone wants to look dapper – or at the very least, borderline decent – especially considering that people have different body types.

           Essential and Useful Styling Tips for Plus Size Men

Styling Tips for Plus Size Men

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1. Know Your Body Type

In a nutshell, men are classified into three basic body types, with each having distinct features. Body Building Magazine differentiates these as ectomorph or those thin build males with long limbs; mesomorph or athletic types with broad shoulders; and endomorph or blocky, plus size men with thicker rib cages. Ectomorphs and mesomorphs have it easy when it comes to choosing the right clothes, as they can wear almost anything with little effort. On the other hand, the latter highlights a unique case, an aspect that concentrates on wearing clothes in the most relaxed way possible.

2. Choose the Right Size and Brand

It’s common knowledge that men on the heavier side are not keen on wearing the ensemble of those walking on the high-profile runways of Milan or New York Fashion Week. With this, comes the implication that plus size gents find it difficult to be fashionable. To put a number on the term, these are male clothes sizes from large to 6XL, and waistlines from 44 to 66. Thankfully, there are clothing brands out there that promote socially responsible clothes. King Size, for one, says they design their clothes in accordance with actual “big and tall models to ensure the best sizing proportions and comfort.” With this, it has become easy for plus size gentlemen to look stylish and sharp without sacrificing comfort.

3. Determine Your Personal Taste

First on the agenda is to determine a personal taste in fashion. Men with full figures have to invest in clothes that complement their body type and give them a cleaner outline. On a more general disposition, the simpler designs tend to create a more harmonious look. Dark and solid colors, as well as wide-spaced and minimal patterns, are the safest choices. Choosing these establishes a subtle, well-defined appearance without going overboard.

4. Consider the Features of Your Outfits

In essence, a typical formal outfit features a clear-cut figure that embraces each asset. To put things in perspective, The Atlantic points out the importance of knowing how to view, choose, and wear suits. The key is to have the right three-piece ensemble in the closet that properly frames and flatters the body. In short, spending on a nice tailored suit can definitely go a long way in terms of building style and – more importantly – confidence.

By knowing the varying yet simple designs, sizes, and rules in men’s fashion, big and tall gentlemen will have a better understanding on how to dress well while accepting their body type. At the end of it all, knowing these styling tips for plus size men brings about a fresher overall exterior and a much-needed conviction from within.


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