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Six Effects of Wearing Tight Clothing

Women love their tight outfits, mainly because they tend to accentuate their bodies and make them feel more feminine. From the corsets, the tight jeans, skinny jeans, tight leggings and the jeggings. It’s all about the fashion that comes with it and women are all about the fashion and looking gorgeous. Sadly, wearing tight clothing has its own repercussions and health risks associated with it. Being fashionable and trendy is very good but you should ensure that fashion does not create a bridge between you and good health. Here are some of the effects of wearing tight clothing.

Effects of Wearing Tight Clothing

1) Candida Yeast Infection

Candida yeast infection has become one of the most common infection over the years. If ignored it can lead to more painful and even serious infections. The infection occurs on more specific areas where the body is wet and moist. One of the major causes for yeast infection is wearing too tight skin-tight pants. This tends to prevent circulation of air therefore turning it to a breeding ground for bacteria and later on leads to the increase in production of yeast causing the yeast infection. Yeast infection causes an itching and scratchy sensation on our skin and is often painful and frustrating. During the hot weather, opt for sundresses or loose-fitting pant to avoid the generation of bacteria and to also allow proper air circulation.

2) Abdominal pain & hurt burns

Tight dresses, skinny jeans waistlines and tight belts put pressure on the stomach which then exerts a lot of pressure on the abdomen causing a lot of pain. The pressure causes an acid reflux which in return results in severe burning sensation. Tight outfits also slow the digestion process which can lead to constipation. It is, therefore, important to eat smaller meals and also ensure that the outfit is not too tight. Tight outfits cause tight pressure against your stomach which will increase abdominal pressure causing acid to go back through your esophagus resulting in acid reflux and heart buns.

3) Fainting

Tight outfits tend to restrict your ability to fully expand your lungs decreasing your oxygen intake and making your breathing shallow which can lead to suffocation which results in severe sweating and breathing problems. This, therefore, causes giddiness and finally end up fainting. It is important to ensure that the undergarments are of the right size and not too restrictive.

4) Back pain

Low waist jeans hit the market and in a matter of time they were everybody’s must have. Sadly as fashionable as the low waist jeans can be, they are not good for your back. They tend to compress the back muscles and restrict the hip bone movement which in return puts pressure on your spine and back which ends up causing a lot of pain.

5) Tingling thigh syndrome

The tingling thigh syndrome is also known as Meralgia Paresthetica. Meralgia paresthetica is one of the most common thigh disorders in our world today. It is caused by wearing tight skinny jeans. The tight jeans compress the nerves on the thighs which causes a tingling, numb and burning sensation. It is, therefore, advisable to wear an extremely tight pair of jeans less often. For a more regular pair, you could get a next size to regular.

6) Headaches and blurred vision

Outfits that are neck high are very fashionable but can also be very dangerous to your health if they are too tight around the neck. Tight neck high outfits, collar shirts and ties tamper with the proper blood circulation to the head therefore causing headaches, tingling sensations to your head and blurry vision. To avoid this get outfits a size larger.



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