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What Shoes to Wear with a Skater Dress

Skater dresses are very stylish and feminine, and they quickly became very popular in women’s fashion. Like with any other outfit, it is important to pick the right shoes to wear with a skater dress to make the look flawless. Choosing the perfect skater dress shoes can be complicated if you are not sure on how to pair them with different outfits. Typically, learning how to wear a skater dress helps you to pull flawless looks for almost any occasion.

Cute shoes to wear with a skater dress

1. Wear a skater dress with heels

This might be the most popular option, but choosing heels to wear with a skater dress will make your look fabulous. Adding a couple of accessories and a bag will finish the look. You can wear it on many occasions, such as a date night. Not only hills are perfect for any outfit, but they also make your skater dress look very attractive.

What Shoes to Wear with a Skater Dress02

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2. Wear a skater dress with flats

Wearing skater dress with flats is not only very comfortable, but it can also be flattering. This choice of shoes to wear with a skater dress create a perfect casual look and is suitable for everyday life.

What Shoes to Wear with a Skater Dress

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3. Wear a skater dress with boots

This look is very stylish and extraordinary. Wearing skater dress with ankle boots is an excellent choice to make your winter warmer and way more stylish. It will look great with a coat, and any other wither clothing attributes.

What Shoes to Wear with a Skater Dress1

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4. Wear a skater dress with sneakers

This choice of shoes to wear with a skater dress is fun and exotic. When choosing to wear skater dress with a sneaker, it is also very important to pick classic sneakers and plain colors. This will make perfect accent and make your look a little reckless.

What Shoes to Wear with a Skater Dress02

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5. Flat sandals

You can never go wrong with nice open sandals and a skater dress. This look works great for a sunny weekend. Add a sun hat and fierce sunglasses to the combination for a classy yet relaxed look.

 shoes for skater dress - sandals

Source: DenimandCateye

6. Pumps

The pumps are comfy and stylish and combining them with your skater dress only takes the outfit a notch higher. Pair this look with a classy handbag for a night out or a weekend party.

shoes for skater dress - pumps

Source: PocketsandBows

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7. Chunky heels

These heels are comfortable to be in and absolutely stunning. This look is also perfect for the plus size woman and keeps you looking stylish.

shoes for skater dress - chunk heels

Source: Black Milk Clothing

8. Ankle strap heel

By now every woman must have this heel in their closet. It’s fancy, stylish and most importantly comfortable. The ankle strap heels bring out the best of the blue skater dress whether the dress is short, knee length or midi.

shoes for skater dress - ankle strap heel

Source: FashionGum

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9. The peep toe

Peep toe heels not only makes the outfit pop but also give you a chance to show off your beautiful toenails and pedicure. Perfect for both long or short skater dresses.

shoes for skater dress - peep toe

Source: LookBook

10. Wedges

The wedge is yet another comfortable shoe and also a stunning pair to style with the skater dress. Get a nice and comfortable pair of wedges and rock it with your beautiful skater dress or skirt.

shoes for skater dress - wedges


11. Platform heels

The platform heels are usually higher than the normal stilettoes but tend to be a bit wider at the soles due to the platforms which make the shoe comfortable to walk in despite it being high. Pairing these shoes with blue skater dress brings out nothing but sophistication to your look.

shoes for skater dress - platform heels

Source: GettHattrend

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12. Knee-length boots

Keeping warm doesn’t have to make your outfit boring and the knee-length boots serve this purpose. You can pull off this look during a chilly day with a fancy trench coat to complete the look.

shoes for skater dress knee high boots

Source: JesseLynch

♥Choose the right accessories♥

When you decided what shoes to wear with a skater dress, take your time and pick the right accessories. There are some accessories you can wear. First, consider layering the dress with a jacket, keeping yourself warm at the same time. You can also wear it with a sweater; this will make a very cute look that is stylish and on-point. You can make the look a little more dramatic by wearing a belt. Whether it is a thick or thin belt, it will be breathtaking. You can also style with leggings or tights. This look is more casual, but still very attractive and cute. To finish  the look, add a handbag and jewelry.

What Shoes to Wear with a Skater Dress02

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We hope this post will help you to choose the right shoes to wear with a skater dress. Whether you come up with a dramatic or more casual style will depend on the type of skater dress shoes you pick.


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