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9 Tips from Sharon Mundia’s This Is Ess Fashion Blog

Lately, I have witnessed hundreds of ladies swarming into the Kenyan fashion blogging scene. We have a huge list of Kenyan fashion bloggers here and it’s growing. Yeah, I’m honestly marveled at this and it’s quite inspiring to see the rising numbers. But what I’m not certain about is their ability to be consistent and persistent. Starting a fashion blog is just the first step, but running the blog is one heck of a monstrous experience. But there are bloggers who have managed to stand up to the blogging waves, and Sharon Mundia’s This Is Ess fashion blog is an exemplary blog to pick a tip or two from.

So, let’s get right into some of the tips that make Sharon Mundia an exemplary Kenyan fashion blogger.

Sharon Mundia's This Is Ess fashion blog

Credit: Sharon Mundia

Sharon Mundia’s This Is Ess Fashion Blog Tips for Bloggers

1. Blog Name

Coming up with a blog name is the first step in starting a successful fashion blog. While many bloggers prefer using their own names, I love Mundia’s name choice, This Is Ess. It is simply authoritative and fashionable and it exudes styling impressions from every angle. So, keep that in mind when rebranding your blog or creating a new blog. Your blog name is quite essential.

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2. Buy a Domain Name

Sorry if this is insulting but never use or if you are serious about fashion blogging. Some people will call that a start, but hell NO! Get a domain from the start after choosing your blog name. There are many domain name sellers and hosting companies that offer this service. A perfect domain like gives your start the push it requires.

3. Blog Design

A fashion blog must always be beautiful just like the fashion content it holds, and Sharon’s theme is flawless. Ensure that you have picked a stylish and user-friendly theme for your blog. Whether you are using WordPress or BlogSpot, get a responsive and simple theme. Also, make the navigation easy for your readers. Place the main menu at the top or at the sidebars where it is visible to your visitors.

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4. Quality photography

Even in the age of advanced mobile cameras, pro fashion bloggers still understand the power of using real cameras to capture the perfect photos for their blogs. Sharon Mundia’s photos are unique and the quality is soft and breathtaking. You might just what to take that path to ensure that quality photos are accompanying each and every of your posts. Visit Mundia’s blog to get a view of quality photos.

Tips from Sharon Mundia's This Is Ess Fashion Blog

Source: Pexels

5. Posting Consistency

Many upcoming Kenyan fashion bloggers are usually motivated and propelled at the start, but fall victims of laxity along the way. Some go from weeks to months without publishing a single post. While the difficulty is understandable, it’s a path you chose and you must ensure your blog stays fresh. Sharon has always posted 3 to 14 posts every month, and that’s quite admirable.

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6. Writing Quality

I have encountered several Kenyan fashion blogs with grammatical errors and poor spacing throughout a post. This is a red flag for readers and it will certainly scare them away. Remember, you are writing the posts for your readers; not for your blog or search engines. Sharon Mundia’s This Is Ess fashion blog does this best and the posts are easy to read and understand.

7. Visitor Engagement

You’re not going to set up a blog, post regularly and leave it to your readers. That’s a sputum to the blogging rules. Always keep your visitors engaged by commenting and replying to every of their questions and comments. This is the best way to make virtual friends and to keep your visitors returning for more of your fashion dose. Be the fashion nurse they are eager to see. Mundia does this very remarkable!

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8. Stay Creative and Relevant

As I said, starting a blog is another thing, but running it is a demon in itself. Many bloggers struggle to stay relevant, and when they can’t do it anymore, they desert their blogs. Sharon Mundia’s This Is Ess fashion blog is over three years old and that is a single proof of consistency. Always come up with new and creative post ideas that will thrill your esteemed readers. Keep your blog live as possible.

9. Social Media Presence

Sharon is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to keep her readers and followers engaged from every corner. As they say, Instagram is a fashion blogger’s best tool for photos and Twitter and Facebook are quite important for driving more eyeballs to your blog. So, get on social media and build a stellar presence to leverage its key tools and resources.

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Now, there you go. Learning a tip or two from some of the top fashion bloggers in Kenya is the perfect head start to creating a performing and successful fashion blog. Don’t make your neck too stiff to learn. Learn to bend it and open up to new ideas. Sharon Mundia’s This Is Ess fashion blog is just one of the best Kenyan fashion blogs out there that you can find useful if you are a new or upcoming blogger.


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