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Sew a Patch on a Jacket – Sewing Tutorials for Beginners

People interested in learning how to sew a patch on a jacket will be pleased with how easy the task is. Jackets with patches complement different fashion styles that you would love to pull off. Coming up with new styles is fun and easy when you learn to sew patches on a jacket. Additionally, sewing tutorials for beginners are fun projects that anyone can do to keep busy during the weekend.

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You can use this sewing tutorial to sew a patch on pants, jackets or any other fabric that you want. Try custom sew-on patches or iron-on patches to create a style and look that appeals.

How to sew a patch on a jacket

Things you will need to sew a patch on a jacket:

Before you get started, ensure you get these materials and tools for sewing tutorials for beginners. You may already have some of them in your home, or you can easily find them at a nearby store.

  • A jacket you want to sew a patch on
  • A patch you want to sew on a jacket
  • Sewing needles
  • Sewing thread
  • Safety pins or sewing pins
  • Scissors

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How to sew a patch on a jacket for beginners:

  1. Get your patch and jacket.
  2. Wash and dry your jacket.
  3. Iron the jacket.
  4. Place the patch where you want it on the jacket.
  5. Use pins to secure the patch to the jacket so it doesn’t move.
  6. Cut a piece of thread 12-20 inches long. Long enough to sew around the patch, but not so long that it gets tangled.
  7. Thread a sewing needle and tie a knot at the end farthest from the needle.
  8. Push needle through the jacket and patch from the inside of the jacket.
  9. Sew around edges with a straight stitch by pushing the needle back through the front of patch and jacket.
  10. Repeat steps 8 and nine until the patch is completely sewn on.
  11. Tie the thread in a knot on the inside of the jacket.
  12. Cut thread short.
  13. Wear your jacket with inspired style.
  14. If you love the style, teach your friends and family how to sew patches on a jacket.

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Learn to sew a patch on a jacket and give your jacket the look you want. Different women’s fashion styles can look amazing alongside cool sew-on jacket patches. Coming up with innovative new looks for any fashion style are fun and easy when you sew patches on a jacket. Have fun with one of the easiest sewing tutorials for beginners!


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