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Top Seven Ways to Use Olive Oil for Beauty

olive oilTo some people, olive oil may be just another kitchen staple that can be used for beauty purposes. They are pretty unaware that this oil has been used for beauty since the ancient times. Today, olive oil is a key ingredient in the formulas of some of the most popular beauty products. Its rich antioxidants and emollients have been effective in providing different benefits to the skin and hair. Using this oil all by itself is even more effective, and one of the best beauty secrets out there. Here are the top seven ways you can use olive oil for beauty.

Top Ways on How to Use Olive Oil

#1. Olive Oil For Hair

Olive oil for hair can be used on scalp and hair as a dandruff controller and a conditioner. Following shampooing, a person can apply an equal mixture of water and olive oil in the hair. It should be left for at least five minutes. Then, shampoo and rinse it off. This will help to improve the strength of your hair and make it shine. The scalp will also benefit from the healthy conditioning of the oil. Uses of olive oil for hair also include hair treatment. You will need to warm the oil in hot water or in a microwave. Apply it to the hair, then leave it on for up to 20 minutes, and then shampoo it out.

#2. Makeup Removal

Put a few drops of olive oil on a cotton pad and apply it gently to the eye to remove makeup. This will not cause irritation to the eye or the flimsy skin around it. Avoid making the mistake of slathering it all over the face as it can clog pores and lead to other problems. After removing the makeup, use a pH-balanced face wash and warm water to wash the face.

#3. Used to Soften the Lips

Make a mixture of sugar and a teaspoon of the oil to create a lip scrub. You can add a little lemon juice for additional exfoliating properties and flavor. Then scrub the mixture on the lips to make them smooth. You can use your finger or toothbrush to gently buff on the lips. You can also apply pure olive oil to your lips when going out in the cold to prevent flaking.

#4. Treat Dry Feet and Hands

If you have dry feet or other dry skin problems, you can apply olive oil for skin just before going to bed to get an overnight softening treatment. For those who have cracked heels, moisturizing will help to clear up the condition. After exfoliating the feet using pumice stone, you can apply olive oil for skin. Put on socks too before you sleep.

#5. Olive Oil for Skin

Whether you are using it on the body or face, olive oil for skin usually penetrates into the skin to attain a long lasting skin moisture thus keeping it supple and smooth. It can be used both as a moisturizer and a night cream, especially on damp skin. It is also believed that adding a little lemon to the oil and applying the mixture to skin helps to provide a refreshing feeling. Natural benefits of olive oil for skin can take a bit longer to be experienced, but they can be long lasting.

#6. Add a Little to Your Bath

Adding a few drops to your bath water will help in softening the skin. Alternatively, you can create an all-body scrub by making a mixture of olive oil and sugar or salt. This makes your legs to appear silky. When shaving, you can also use olive oil for skin instead of shaving cream. This can help to avoid the bumps and burns caused by a razor.

#7. Cuticle Conditioner

For those interested in having long and stronger nails, you may consider using olive oil as a softener. Apply the oil to your nails to make them healthy. This makes the cuticle moist and plump thus ensuring that the nails shine all the time. If you have yellow-stained nails, add lemon juice to the oil and rub into tips. Do this frequently until the staining clears up.

So, you can give olive oil for skin a shot today and expect these results. More importantly, it is necessary to use it carefully to avoid any unknown complications. Keep in mind that it can clog spores.

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