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Seven Best Clothing Stores in Nairobi

Knowing top boutiques in Nairobi to get the best deals and latest fashion styles is fundamental for any fashion forward individual. The best clothing stores in Nairobi should therefore not only offer a diverse fashion but also have the latest offers to suit the client’s needs. This presents nice opportunities to shop for clothes in Nairobi at varied prices.

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Best Clothing Stores in Nairobi for Shopping

1. Mr. Price

It is one of the most well known top boutiques in Nairobi. Boasting of a number of clothing stores in Nairobi, it also has one of the widest range of apparel and other fashion items. From shoes to clothes to fabulous accessories, this store seems to have it all.

best clothing stores in nairobi - boutiques in kenya -mrprice

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2. Kiko Romeo

It’s one of Kenya’s premier fashion-exclusive stores to buy clothes in Nairobi. It stocks African-inspired apparel that speaks of native originality in style. The designs in jewellery and apparel are intrinsically linked to reflect the African spirit and it offers quite competitive deals on the products.

best clothing stores in nairobi - boutiques in kenya -kiko

3. 4u2

It has risen to become a luminary name in top Kenyan clothing stores. It keeps a theme of having something for everyone, from kids to men’s and women’s clothing. The prices are quite competitive and their deals for their accessories. They also have several outlets in Nairobi, ensuring a wide reach of clientele.

top clothing stores in nairobi - boutiques in kenya 4u2

4. Sir Henry’s

This store has built a name for itself for having an exclusive yet wide range of men’s clothing. From accessories such as ties and shirt cufflinks to suits and shoes, they offer quite a range in their products. The prices are also quite reasonable for the high-quality scope of the items.

top clothing stores in nairobi - boutiques in kenya - sir henry

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5. Little Red

Located at Yaya Centre, this is one of the premier luxury designer clothes in Nairobi. Apart from having an enormous range of international designs, they also offer their clients a tailor-made option of having their apparel made specifically to the client’s preferences.


6. Woolworths

It is one of the most sought-after and distinctive clothing stores in Kenya. In inclusion of having an extended catalogue of apparel, they also stock household goods to go hand in hand with the fashion items. They interesting deals on their items and this makes them stand out.

best clothing stores in nairobi - boutiques in kenya -Woolworth

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7. Vivo

It’s diversified it’s collections to include a rich variety of latest fashion styles and incredible deals. Keeping up with the trends and different fashion aspects in apparel and accessories, this boutique in Nairobi has all a fashionista would want to make a fine fashion statement.

top clothing stores in nairobi - boutiques in kenya -Vivo-Yaya-Centre-

These best boutiques in Nairobi have found a way to ensure that they are top in the clothing stores game by having amazing deals and a huge collection of apparel and aesthetics. With such best clothing stores in Nairobi, you can never miss an option to buying clothes.


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