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How to Promote Your Fashion Blog in Kenya

The initial and easiest step of starting a fashion blog is done. You are now wondering how people will get to know your blog. You have your friends to help you, but the help seems not to give the impact you desire. By now, you must be aware that lifting off a blog from the ground is not as easy as you thought. This is the part where many aspiring bloggers give up. If you are really into fashion blogging, then giving up is not an option. Moreover, there is no plan B. Spreading the word about your new fashion blog and driving eyeballs to your blog can be hassle-free if done in the right way. You may want to ask, “What is the right way?” Sadly, there is no perfect answer for that, but in its place, we give you eight best ways to promote your fashion blog in Kenya.

          Ways to Promote Your Fashion Blog in Kenya

How to promote your fashion blog

1. Get a Facebook Page

Facebook can be really helpful than just the usual norm. I mean, businesswise. First, create a Facebook page and connect it to your blog. This automatically posts your new articles and updates to your page. Ensure that the link to your Facebook page is visible on every page of your blog to make easier for visitors to find you. When a person likes your page, it shows on their timeline, making it easier for other people who have not yet liked your page to learn about you. This drives some traffic to your blog, and if people love what you offer, they will likely come back.

2. Create a Twitter Profile

Twitter is sweet and can be sexy if used to its maximum potential. The norm of posting links on Twitter is good when done moderately and carefully. But when you break this rule and go ahead posting as many links as you can, (mmm) it can be hectic and boring. And so, you are never going to get any follower. Trust me!! The right abstraction of Twitter is to interact with other users. Get to know your Twitter followers and interact with other bloggers. Retweet those posts that you like. You don’t need to retweet only fashion-related stuff. Tweet things that interest you.

3. Add the Facebook Like Button

If you have installed WordPress CMS, you have access to plenty of plugins that you can use to add a Facebook Like Button to your posts. This work is the same manner as a Facebook page. If a person likes a post, it appears on their timeline, meaning that their friends will see the link to the post. So, the more you create compelling, informative and entertaining posts, the more likes your posts are likely to get.

4. Comment on Other Blogs

I have been checking some of the fashion blogs in Kenya, and I can conclude that the interaction between bloggers is not that good. Guest posts and blogger-to-blogger comments are rare. If you are new in this, then getting your blog to the top is not a single army task. So, try as much as possible to comment on other blogs and share your experience. Some good bloggers will likely do the same, and this can bring a positive return to your blog.

5. Write Guest Posts

Guest blogging is one of the effective tools you can use to promote your fashion blog in Kenya. First, you need to make as many friends as possible; bloggers. Learn about your target audience and create a guest post that meets the interest of such audience. In this case, the blog you will be publishing the guest post should have higher traffic than you blog. This is also essential in creating relevant links to your blog, which is healthy for rankings.

6. Engage with Your Readers

Install social media buttons, such as Digg, Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon, at the end of your posts. This makes it easier for readers to share your content on different social media platforms. Do not fail to respond to comments from your readers. People prefer when they get answers to their questions, so strive to ensure that you interact with your readers at all levels.

7. Be Social Online

Join forums and sites related to the niche of your blog and connect with others. Some good options for fashion bloggers include The Fashion Spot, Friend Friday and Independent Fashion Bloggers. To promote your fashion blog in Kenya, you are not just limited to Kenya. Keep in mind that you get traffic from many countries, so cross the virtual borders and interact as much as you can. Sites, such as Chictopia and Lookbook, are not recommended for beginners. They require bloggers with huge following. So improve you blog before joining such sites.

8. Be Social Offline

Networking is essential to fashion bloggers in Kenya, so don’t overlook it. Try as much as possible to attend local events related to your blog topic. This includes fashion events, Twitter meet-ups and blogging events. Also, join local groups or associations that allow you to learn new ideas. Create business cards and give them to people when you attend events. This leaves perfect tracks behind.

These are the eight best ways to promote your fashion blog in Kenya. You now that you know them, create a plan and incorporate these tips into your plan. Do everything right and be sure to see the return after a while. Keep in mind that there are no instant results, so just keep working on your blog.

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