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10 Popular Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

The art of fashion blogging has been used for many years to cover clothing, personal style and the fashion industry. It is truly an artistic way to showcase different styles and share ideas with people from all walks of life. The vast information bloggers share with their readers has always been interesting and informative. Fashion bloggers in Kenya play a crucial role in promoting fashion and serving fashion styles with a different flair. In Kenya, fashion blogging is quickly gaining popularity with so many people, mostly ladies, running their own personal blogs. The work they are doing is just amazing.

For those interested in creating a fashion blog, read our tips on how to start a fashion blog in Kenya. If you already have a fashion blog, here are tips on how to promote your fashion blog in Kenya.

The popular fashion bloggers in Kenya to follow

1. Nancy Mwai

If these were rankings, I trust Nancy would have taken the lead. I bet you already know the reason if you know her achievements and have seen her blog. She clinched the Best Fashion Blogger award from BAKE in 2012 and retained it again in 2013. More still, the Guardian UK recognized her as one of the top fashion bloggers in Africa (kudos to her). And if you are not aware, Nancy Mwai is the brand ambassador for Adele Dejak as of 2015. Running a fashion blog under her name, Nancy’s work is worth checking out.

Popular Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

2. Lucia Musau

Founder of African Elite Group, Lucia Musau runs a fashion blog under her name and believes that fashion is the best way to express yourself. She says that the secret to looking great is creating a steadiness between comfort and style. To her, looking great is all about satisfying your personal interests and not the interests of onlookers. Check out her blog and follow her on Facebook to see her gorgeous styles.

Popular Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

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3. Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi’s blog, Our Style Kenya, is that type of blog that you will want to browse all day, and she is indeed one of the popular Kenyan fashion bloggers. The styles and designs she shares are artful and worth to try out, that is, if fashion is your thing. There was one time when there was a rumor that she has dropped fashion blogging for acting. I believe this was not true because she is doing her thing at her level best. Her posts are antidotes to those boring days you experience. Just keep browsing!! 🙂

Popular Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

4. Sharon Mundia

If you have happened to come across Sharon Mundia’s blog, you can attest that she is beautiful. Sorry, we are not talking about that. We are talking about her as one of the popular fashion bloggers in Kenya. And by the way, she was awarded the Top Fashion Blogger of the Year 2014 award. She believes that fashion is being cute and trendy and celebrating your personal style. Sharon has turned fashion blogging into her passion, and she is giving out all her best.

Popular Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

5. Winnie Odande

Winnie seeks to inspire other women through fashion blogging. If you ask me about her blog, I will certainly tell you that she is doing a great job. Starting a blog and running a blog are two different things, but Winnie succeeded in both. She offers personal shopping experience and fashion styles that gets those eyes staring at you. She also offers different services, including image consulting, personal shopping, wardrobe revamping and styling.

Popular Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

6. Silvia Njoki

From a personal point of view, she runs one of the creative fashion blogs and she definitely deserves to among the popular fashion bloggers in Kenya. The reason is they way she is trying to incorporate baby styles in her blog. Isn’t that really amazing? That kid under the “Baby Style” category just looks outstanding and gorgeous. Silvia gives different DIY tips to help others on whatever parts they are struggling on. You can also hire her for shopping, styling, consultation among others.

Popular Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

7. Mumbi Shokey

Identifying  the key aspects of your personal style and creating a blog that serves that purpose is the ultimate key to fashion blogging. Our sister Mumbi Shokey hit the nail right on the head. You can call her Mumbi Shokey, but her real name is Grace Mumbi Gichuki. She studied Public Health at Kenyatta University, but has an ever burning passion for fashion. So, she ventured into fashion blogging to share the love for fashion and personal styles.

Popular Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

8. Winnie the Fashionista

“Mmmh…she is not sure where to start.” Okay, Winnie has a passion for photography, fashion, travel and loves trying our different cuisines. She likes shopping for clothes and trying them out, which is a key tip for Kenyan fashion bloggers. The main objective for starting her blog was to share her love for fashion and to inspire others. She says she is a shoe-a-holic because she is addicted to shoes. Hope she doesn’t drink all the shoes. Anyways, her blog is a powerful fashion outlet to pick an idea or two. She is doing an amazing job!!

Popular Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

9. Wairimu Nyandia

This is one of the popular fashion bloggers in Kenya that you should consider checking out. Wairimu is much into hair, so I trust she has lots of stuff and tips to share with you on hair. It is because of her passion for fashion that she decided to blog about fashion. She offers DIY tips to help others out and she loves her natural hair. You might want to check her blog out during your free times.

Popular Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

10. Maureen Bandari

Closing our list of 10 popular female fashion bloggers in Kenya is Maureen Bandari. She studied Biotechnology at Kenyatta University and loves science. She equally feels the same for fashion and that’s the reason she started a fashion blog. Maureen loves trying out different colors and trends, so she wants to inspire others through her blog. She posts tips on daily outfits, beauty and hair tips. It is worthwhile to find out what her blog offers.

Popular Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

Now, there you’re with a list of top Kenyan fashion blogs you can use for your daily fashion inspiration. Get to know what styles these fashion bloggers in Kenya love and experiment their ideas to see what works for you best.

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