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12 Online African Clothing Stores for Your Next Shopping

Online shopping is a fun and relatively easy way to hunt for new fashion and style pieces and accessories. Finding the correct store may mean the difference between a good fashion experience and a fabulous one. So if you are keen on fashion these online African clothing stores should give you a good variety on this.

Online African Clothing Stores to Buy New Dresses and Clothes


Zuvaa has some of the freshest and widest range of fashionable African designs. The amount of flair and fab in the designs is simply breathtaking. The store caters for everything from men’s style to kid’s fashion and everything in between. It’s undeniably one of the leading online African clothing stores.


Zando brings a varying urban and ethno-chic items to your fashion style. This South African based online store gives you a unique and trendy scope of items to choose from. It also caters for both genders with beauty and international brands and accessories.

12 Online African Clothing Stores


This store has grown to become one of the best online fashion stores.It’s an all round online shopping store but also has some pretty chic fashion pieces. There’s a wide range of amazing deals on all fashion items from dresses to even jewelry. It’s actually among African clothing stores with the best reviews.


Kisua stocks both the most exclusive and also authentic African designs on the continental fashion scene. The store has in-house designs but also partners with independent, like-minded designers for their products. This assures you top quality and also very cool deals on unique fashion pieces.

12 Online African Clothing Stores


Spree’s fashion variety is nothing short of African finesse. They stock some of the most original designs in the most attractive of deals. Their collections also include contemporary designs so you are assured of finding the perfect piece for your wardrobe.


Kuwala is one of those online African clothing stores where you would have to really fight the urge to not get everything. This is due to their stunning African designs on n clothes and also jewelry. They also have personalized deals to ensure that you get the most out of your shopping experience.

12 Online African Clothing Stores


This is another fashionably top African online clothing store that is leading in quality. Ocacia is a pretty straightforward site that offers you all the best African and modern designs in one place.


If you haven’t checked this one out I suggest you do, especially if you love African fashion. Dupsies has one of the largest latest collections of African designs including the signature Dashiki. There’s also some very catchy deals that will give you high-end fashion very affordable.


9. Afrochic

This site has made it is a purpose to make the chicest designs in African couture. Whether you’re looking for that sexy dress for an evening out or those Ankara gems to step out in style, this one has you covered.


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10. Fashion Ghana

This one is intended for those who are moved by the flair of the African designs. It has some gems that are uniquely stylish and of course the modern aspects of African styles.

12 Online African Clothing Stores


This is simply one of our favorite African online stores. It’s got that pure African feel with the print theme and ethno-chic flavor that we love. To sum it up, Zabba Designs is African online shopping at it’s best.

12. Afropolitan Shop

If you are searching for both a chic and classy African collection then this place will definitely sort you out. It has so many inspiring style accessories and fashion pieces that you can’t miss to find a perfect match for your style.


These online African clothing stores will give you not only African elegance but also the best deals out there. So if you are looking for both style and best deals, you’re assured of the best and also most chic.


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