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10 Trendy Nigerian Fashion for Men – Best Modern Nwokè Styles

The most distinguished looks and glamorous designs in Africa are inspired by Nigerian fashion. The Nigerian fashion for men catalog is as wide as there are designs to explore. There are however, trendy ones that stand out tastefully and you could work them into your daily outfits.

Nigerian Fashion for Men You Need to Own

1. The Boubou or Traditional Shirt

This is one of the most ornate pieces for Nigerian fashion for men. It has an earthy, grounding touch which conveniently balances your style. A boubou shirt more often than not comes in dual or monochrome color giving you an easy palette to choose from.

Trendy Nigerian Fashion for Men

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2. The Print Blazer Fusion

If you intend on making you style sense flow then you should consider getting a Nigerian print blazer. The great part about it is the range of designs available and compatible with your jeans and shirt casual look.

Trendy Nigerian Fashion for Men

3. Traditional Two-Piece

Nothing says boldly African than a Nigerian two-piece traditional regalia. This look will suit you in almost any occasion and the relaxed fit makes it ideal for occasions such as parties. Pairing it up with a slide mini hat will stylishly complete the look.

Cool Nigerian Fashion For Men

4. Ankara Print Shorts

Ankara print shorts are the tailor-made expression of stylish simplicity, literally. They give you a well-groomed but edgy feel and can be paired with a matching shirt. Ankara shorts draw a compact and well groomed stylish look.

Cool Nigerian Fashion For Men

5. Print Pants

Print pants have taken both the global and Nigerian fashion for men scene by storm. The sporty elegance that the pants give you makes them a must-have fashion item. African print pants for men can also be used in a variety of combinations. Your choice is stylishly fluid if you go for sneakers, leather shoes or even matching Ankara shoes.

Cool Nigerian Fashion For Men

6. Ankara Print Sweatshirts

Sweat shirts radiate a calm and radiant state and an Ankara design amplifies this remarkably. So grab that print sweatshirt and pair it up with jeans (preferably skinny jeans) to make that calm, collected persona. This is a sharp look to try out in any weather.

Cool Nigerian Fashion For Men

7. Ankara Varsity Jacket

This unique fusion of the popular varsity jacket and Ankara design is definitely a looker. Having the finest design scheme to complement the monochrome base of the jacket gives it a balanced feel. this goes perfectly with a casual jeans plan.

Cool Nigerian Fashion For Men

8. Print Flair T-shirts

Nigerian fashion for men hasn’t been left behind in this new fad. The flair T-shirt design is currently a hot must-have for men. The Ankara design adds a natural twist to this piece to make it sharp and dynamic. This look goes well with skinny jeans and sneakers combo.

Cool Nigerian Fashion For Men

9. The Ankara Suit

This look blares out from a mile away because of its intricate design scheme. The traditional suit blends with the African print in a very seductive way whether on an out and about mood or a chilled out. You can find plenty of ways to make this work, from sneakers to leather shoes.

Cool Nigerian Fashion For Men

10. Ankara Shoes

Ankara shoes ooze of unrivaled elegance yet subtle traditional class. They are versatile enough to be paired with outfits ranging from jeans to even formal wear. There is a lightweight feel to these babies and you can no doubt find the perfect pair to complete your wardrobe.

Cool Nigerian Fashion For Men

Nigerian fashion for men offers a wide scope of options to consider for every day’s style. With different Ankara styles and African prints to mix and match, you are certain of fashionable and trendy looks every day.


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