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Valentine’s Day: Why You Should Not Miss The Nairobi Elegance Affair

Do you have any plans for this year’s Valentine’s Day? Okay. If I make a good guess, you have been to Coast, went for a vacation or spent time with your partner at some cool, green garden in the past Valentine’s Days. What if this year you treat your partner to a memorable Valentine’s Day by attending the Nairobi Elegance Affair? Am sure this is not a bad idea. Of course, you can keep it a secret and surprise your partner on that particular day. You can also change your mind if you already had other plans for the Valentine’s Day. So, what should you expect at the event?

A fashion show

If you are really into fashion, then the Nairobi Elegance Affair is the right event for you. First, you have the opportunity to learn new ideas and meet people you share interests with. The event provides a platform for upcoming designers to showcase their designs for the very first time. Established designers also will display the very best of their works on the runway. Reputable designers that will be at the event include Terry Watowa, Sophy Wanjiku, James Baya, Mary Odhiambo, Zephania Adar, Eve Isabela and Angie Jelbrina. The Pakistani-born Kenyan designer Shenu Hooda will be the lead designer during the event.

Live performances and music

There is nothing like experiencing music in live performance. You can attend the Nairobi Elegance Affair to listen to your favorite local artists and dance to the songs you like. Is this not great? Sure, it is. So, on February 14, 2015, let your earphones, headphones and home audio systems have a rest and get out there to listen to some refreshing music.

The event will occur at the Nairobi Railway Museum and its main goal is to amass funds for supporting the necessitous women to venture into the fashion business through the Cherehani Africa Initiative. This is a great undertaking for people to be part of and a way to portray love to other people out there. Yeah, it’s a Valentine’s Day.

And don’t forget that there will be lots of dishes and drinks for the day. Oooh yes, don’t fret, there is no entry fee (I know you are thinking about that). To all singles out there, it will be a great event to end the day. Ah sure, it will.


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