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16 Irresistible African Dress Styles That Make You Feel Sweet

African print has not only a universe of beautiful pieces but designs that are intriguingly unique. It all lies in the versatility of the pieces and also the way they prints bring out a lovely feel to an outfit. Some of the African dress styles that you should definitely try out are;

16 Cute African Dress Styles That You Haven’t Tried Yet

1. The Fit&Flare 

If you are going for an enchanting look then this piece will no doubt bring that out. It’s first in the adventurous African dress styles that are simply breathtaking. Not only does it have a fine touch to it but it is also a skater dress that has a sexy touch to it.

15 Irresistible African Dress Styles

Source: Tadall

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2.The Asymmetrical Dress

This design works by shifting emphasis from a balanced to a style biased that can do no harm. It is a lovely blend between a midi chic look and a wrap gown all rolled into one. This will no doubt have your  style sense amplified to a new fashion-forward level.

15 Irresistible African Dress Styles

Source: Etsy

3. The Bubble Mini 

This dress design has become trendy and also a style statement that’s hard to ignore. This is because this dress works specifically in bringing out both an edgy and also a beautiful flare to your style. It is also one of the sexiest yet simple irresistible African dress styles.

15 Irresistible African Dress Styles

Source: Lipstickalley

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4. The BareBack Dress

The whole essence behind the loveliness concerning this dress is in its exquisite design. It’s a low back cut dress with both a freeing and a similarly chic yet simple look. It is a great outdoor look that can also double up as an evening dress.

15 Irresistible African Dress Styles

Source: Tashiasimilaocollection

5. The Tie Wrap Dress

The superb thing about this dress is the burst and also the classy way in which it wraps around the body. This is what proper fusions are composed of; great harmony and also a striking appeal. In other words, this dress should be in your style recipe if you did African dress styles.

15 Irresistible African Dress Styles

Source: Thechameleonblogger

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6. The Maxi Stun Dress

This outstanding work of art is exactly why African print dress styles are taking over. It is a fabulous way of both stepping out in style and marking your fashion territory. It brings out a wild side to your style appeal. This also ranks among our must haves.

15 Irresistible African Dress Styles

Source: Fashionghana

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7. The Bodycon Print Dress

This is dress can work incidentally as both an evening gown and also for a casual look. It mixes an initially appealing look with a sweet red wine design print that also gives you an edgy fit. In short, it’s one of those looks we’re drunk in love with.

15 Irresistible African Dress Styles

Source: Pinterest

8. The Ziggy Mermaid Dress

For the purpose of clarity, we have to simply admit that the mermaid design is one of the best inventions in African fashion. This one, in particular, has that defining touch with those stunning lovely patterns.It’s simply to a fashion gem that you can’t take your eyes off.

15 Irresistible African Dress Styles

Source: Pinterest

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9. The Silky Pleat Mini

If this dress ran for office it would be a done deal before the campaigns even start. This is to say it’s indeed not only a fashion forward look but also one that is literally hard to forget. Having this much style appeal makes it an awesome touch to style.

15 Irresistible African Dress Styles

Source: Weddaily

10. The Denim + Print Dress

This one goes awesomely if you are indeed into our fusion  theory. It not only uses the edgy touch of denim but also flowing design of an African dress style. You will have to try this one out to believe it.

15 Irresistible African Dress Styles

Source: ciafrique

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11. The Wrap Mini Dress

This bold print dress highlights your style emphasis in all the cute ways. It is notably a basic design with a polished gracefulness that is the signature of African dress styles. The wrap design gives it a seductive approach that you can’t resist.

15 Irresistible African Dress Styles

Source: Pinterest

12. The Petite Blue Mini

You can always tell how much passion goes into an outfit by looking at its elements. Wear this dress to a lunch date and complete it with a bag to get the look you want.

15 Irresistible African Dress Styles

Source: Darkskyn

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13. The Neck-Tie Sleeveless Dress

This dress achieves so much in such a simple yet profound  look. It has both that awesome feel that you get from African dress styles and a chic modern touch. The design is also creatively sassy and unique.

15 Irresistible African Dress Styles

Source: Aliexpress

14.The Velvet Lacy Dress

This isone of those looks that you can’t stop ogling at. The dress has that uniquely stylishness that would stand out any day.  The velvet lace is both an awesome  design  and a chic finish on this African print dress.

African Dress Styles

Source: Pinterest

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15. The Hybrid Print Dress

This African glam piece creates an edgy yet homely feel when you wear it. It also gives you a great layout with the maxi design and a stunning appeal with the sleeveless top.

African Dress Styles

Source: 40cg

16. The Red Wine on Print Dress

If you are looking for a dress that’s not only stylish but also gives you a fashionable African finesse then this is it. It’s a red wine feel to an African print that’s just  awesome. Pair it with a matching handbag and brace yourself for a new day.

African Dress Styles - clothing and designs

Source: Nigerian Facts

So if you are fishing for that ultimate and also chic African dress then the above pieces ought to tickle your fancy. These fashionable African dress styles will give you that unique and cute look you desire.


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