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5 Men’s Dressing Tips to Try this New Year

So, the new year has come and gone and you’re probably wondering how your wardrobe needs to be upgraded to the new 2018 version of yourself (hopefully new and improved). Well whether your January is temperate and rainy or a snowy winter, here are some men’s dressing tips to make sure you are on trend and ready for the new season in a flash.

1. Upgrade Your Closet, Don’t Redo It

5 Men’s Dressing Tips to Try this New Year

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A lot of people talk about bringing out their new wardrobe for the new season only to realize three weeks in that seasons don’t just end when we want them to. We are all familiar with the random beach weather of mid-April or the late snowfall of May, so what gives?

Instead of re-inventing your whole wardrobe to suit the trends and weather, see what you can do with what you already have.

The biggest trend of 2018 is the statement jacket, from the quilted bomber to the re-introduction of the aviator leather jacket. Invest in either of these pieces and mix and match with your summer wardrobe. Tank tops and muscle shirts will look like a statement tee – another big trend – under your jacket.

2. Shorter Is Always Better

5 Men's Dressing Tips to Try this New Year

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It might be getting colder, but that doesn’t mean you have to grow your hair out into a long mane. Most of the haircut trends are shortcuts, from the undercut to the crew cut coming up on top.

Still, want that cozy feel for the new year? Pair an undercut with a thick beard, making sure to trim loosely so to give that grown out vibe. The lumberjack beard doesn’t have to look messy either, paired with a crisp outfit like a suit or even just a tie.

Want something a bit more professional feel? Use your grown-out hair to your advantage by only shaving the side down and slicking your longer do into a sleek, serious hairstyle. Seek out your favourite pomade – especially those with a kicker humidity resistance – to get that slicked back look.

3. Go Function Over Form

5 Men’s Dressing Tips to Try this New Year


When it comes to changing for the weather, it’s important to find a balance between attractive and functional men’s dressing tips.

The last thing you want coming into Fall is a wardrobe that doesn’t suit the rain or humidity, or just plain can’t keep up with the chance of Winter hitting at any moment.

One of the shoes on the scene here to help is the Desert Boot, which is as versatile as it is functional. As a new trend, it claims to fame is its ability to pair with a suit for work or your jeans and flannel for a party. Beyond that, they’re made of a strong durable material by most stores so they can withstand climate change.

Want to upgrade your current shoe collection? Invest in a good bottle of water-resistant spray and make sure your shoes are ready for the season.

4. Seek Out Casual

5 Men's Dressing Tips to Try this New Year

Source: Pexels

Most everyone’s favourite thing about winter and the beginning of spring is how cozy your outfits become. From comfy sweaters to cotton button-ups, dropping leaves also means a turn to more practical, casual fashion.

The concept of “basics” has never been more important in 2018. If you’re going shopping, stick to pieces that can go with anything, feel comfortable and are easy to wear. Think of the classic V-neck long sleeve shirt in navy blue or car coat with water-resistant fabric.

Want to really feel casual? Pair these new outfit choices with a more casual hairstyle, ditching the trendy undercut for a basic trim and even length all around.

When going casual, always think of the lowest maintenance route to give that clean, crisp look.

5. Go For A Statement Piece

Designer Mens Argyle Print Sweater

Source: Buyometric

Although January and on is a great time for casual and cozy, that doesn’t mean it can’t make a statement too.

Too often we think of Summer and Spring as the seasons for colour, leaving the other two for muted tones and variations of brown. But not all is lost.

Patterns and bold colours have a place this season too. Prada has upped the game by bringing a Mr. Rogers-esque sweater a new modern take. Recreate this look by going vintage and buying a sweater with a bit of character, like an argyle print or a bright colour.

Men’s Dressing Tips – Final Thoughts

Sometimes while everyone else is going neutral and brown, it pays to be a little different. When you put all the pieces together, you will continue to look great and feel good.

What 2018 men’s dressing tips and styles are you trying out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Maher Chehade is one of the barbers at, and the proud owner of the South Trail Crossing Barbershop. Visit his website to learn more, and connect on Twitter to stay in touch.


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