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Easy Makeup Tutorial for Black Skin

Makeup is something that is transformative but often people with dark skin tones have trouble finding great makeup tutorials. Here is an easy makeup tutorial for black skin that will leave you breathless.

Makeup Tutorial for Black Skin

Simple Makeup Tutorial for Black Skin

1. Get the Right Foundation

The first step to any African American makeup tutorial is to find a foundation that works for your skin. Darker skin is often harder to match and as such you may need multiple foundation colors. Try adding darker foundation around the perimeter of the face to help contour and lighter foundation in the center of the face to add highlight.

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2. Shadows

Darker skin tones can hold up to bold shadow colors. When thinking about a makeup tutorial for black skin you can use colors like deep blues, rich burgundy, or even vivid shades like pink. For this makeup tutorial for black skin, sweep a bronze or copper color all over the lid from the lash line to the socket. After that, apply a skin tone shade to the socket and blend out for an air brushed effect.

3. Highlight and Blush

These are two important parts of any makeup look. Add a soft, gold tone highlight to the tops of cheek bones, the cupids bow of your lips, the tip and bridge or your nose, and just above your eyebrows to make your face glow. It is important that with any makeup tutorial for black skin that you choose a warm tone highlight as cool tones tend to look too bright and might not blend well. Warm coral blushes are perfect for darker skin tones. Sweep a coral blush on the apples of your cheeks to give a healthy flush.

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4. Lips

This makeup tutorial for brown skin is going all out, try adding a bright coral lip for a night out or a neutral shade lip for an easy day look. Darker skin tone is again going to be more vibrant with bold colors and is going to really stand out.

5. Finishing Touches

Darker skin tones may have trouble finding a great setting powder so opting for a translucent or yellow toned powder is going to be the safest bet. Only apply powder to the areas of the face that get oily like the t zone to avoid any powdery residue that may ruin the look. Apply setting powder to the forehead, chin, and nose to control shine all day.

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You can customize this makeup tutorial for black skin to fit your own preferences and needs. No matter what you do, keep practicing to get it perfect. Try this African American makeup tutorial to get awesome results!


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