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How to Make Ripped Jeans for Women at Home

Learning how to make ripped jeans at home is a fun thing to do. You can take an old pair of skinny jeans, any jeans for that matter, and save so much money. You do not need any special fancy equipment or anything to make ripped or distressed jeans. You can wear ripped jeans with a tank top, and here is how to make a tank top too. Here are easy steps on how to make ripped jeans with scissors or a razor.

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What You Need to Make Ripped Jeans

  • 2 Pair of jeans
  • Scissors, razor, or utility knife
  • Sandpaper or a pumice rock

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In this article, you will learn how to make distressed jeans and then on to the DIY ripped knee jeans all in one.

how to make ripped jeans for women at home

How to Make Ripped Jeans With Scissors or a Razor

1. Mark the Points for Rips

With all of your supplies ready, try on the jeans to mark the points where you would like the holes and rips. Then mark them with a pencil or fabric marker.

2. Protect the Back of the Jeans 

Take the extra pair of jeans and fit them inside of the jeans you will be working. This helps to avoid any unwanted holes in the back of the jeans when creating your DIY ripped skinny jeans.

3. Rub Using Pumice or Sandpaper

Use the sandpaper or pumice to lightly rub the marked areas in a circular motion; this gives the jeans a natural worn away look. Do this until you can see the fabric starting to weakening.

4. Fray the Marked Areas

Using your hands, start tugging and fraying up the material. Ensure to do this carefully to give it a natural look. Keep in mind that fraying will continue as you wear your ripped jeans. You can trim the threads if the look becomes messy.

5. Loosen the Fabric on the Areas

Loosen the fibers to create the start of little holes. Do not get crazy and make them too big. You want something that looks professionally done. So, try to be careful as possible to get everything perfect.

6. Create Holes Using Scissors

You can add holes using the utility knife or the scissors where you would like them to appear. Make sideways cuts; that is usually how they rip naturally. Using your hands, further rip the jeans for a realistic look.

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How to make distressed jeans look is the same instruction as above minus the cutting of holes. Learning how to make ripped jeans for women gives you a perfect hack for sprucing up your style. If you want to go all the way and are interested in the destroyed look, then you will add more holes and make bigger cuts. Another tip when making DIY ripped knee jeans is to keep your edges tight to avoid any unwanted ripping is to sew the edges with some thread.

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So, know that you know how to make ripped jeans with scissors you can start saving money and keep your style. Knowing how to rip jeans at home can even become a cash crop hobby, you never know. If you have a daughter, maybe you can teach her how to make distressed jeans for women to save money and enjoy some cool DIY fashion styles same time.


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