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Latest Fashion in Nairobi – Keep Mafisi Away with These 15 Trends

Latest Fashion in Nairobi to Keep Mafisi Away

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Every lady worth her salt desires her wardrobe choices to be a reflection of her style, not as an open invitation to every crazy head out there. This is because fashion is the most direct way to make your presence known without uttering a word. It can, therefore, a bit tricky when you have to balance between being expressive and trying not to send the wrong message, especially to those Mafisi roaming about. Below are some of the latest fashion in Nairobi that will give you both a classy feel without compromising your fine style sense.

Latest Fashion in Nairobi to Keep Mafisi Away – Guaranteed!

1. The Denim On Leather Look

Okay, this may seem a bit too predictable, but you’ll hardly ever find a misplaced denim on leather look. This is simply because this combo is both a fabulous and also a strong weekend look. You also get to set a perfect, fashion statement without having to worry about too many details in your outfit. On shoes, you can experiment with some sneakers or Timberlands as Nelly of Nairobi Fashion geek does in this look.

Latest Fashion in Nairobi

Source: Fashiongeek

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2. The Day Out Look

Bubble and Lace Dresses are one of the edgiest yet mafisi repellent ways to step out in style. This is because they have that composed and fashionably forward aspect about them that’s hard to ignore. The reason why they look so good and yet feel so balanced is in the detail and design, especially when paired with a smooth tank top. As Lucia Musau shows us in this one, it’s all about style, darling.

Latest Fashion in Nairobi

Source: Luciamusau

3.The Cold But Hot Look

Trench coats are not only among the cutest latest fashion trends in Nairobi, but they are also a good idea when you want to keep warm. You, of course, don’t have to wait till it’s freezing outside to head out with your favorite coat. It can come as an add on to that lovely little black dress on that date 🙂 As the beautiful Sharon Mundia proves in this one, it’s all about your style priorities.

Latest Fashion in Nairobi

Source: Thisisess

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4. Plaid Pencil Skirt

Another fresh and clearly stunning among the latest fashion in Kenya right now is the plaid or pattern trend.This fashion movement has spread like wildfire for one simple reason; flexibility. A plaid skirt, for example, gives you a style uplift in a lovely form without revealing too much. And it’s also style bonus if the plaid patterns look like Maasai print; patriotism on a fab note 🙂

Latest Fashion in Nairobi

Source: Threadmuse

5. Maxi Dress Game

Maxi skirts are a fabulous and surely enchanting way to keep your style on point. Most people, however, view them as a bit too conservative but that’s neither true nor exactly a bad thing if you do it right. A bright colored maxi, for example, can be paired with a dark, sexy sleeveless top to add a hint of edginess to it. The result, is nothing short of style mastery, as Antony Trivet clearly shows us in this awesome outfit.

Latest Fashion in Nairobi

Source: Antony Trivet

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6. Jumpsuit On Fleek

Formal wear is another aspect of your style choices that you can indeed use to bring out your best fashion. Jumpsuits are of course a fresh twist to the traditional formal pant suit. With them, you can go all out and choose the best ways that fit in like a bright blazer for that amplified style. It’s both a unique option and also makes your work day a lot more styled up.

Latest Fashion in Nairobi

Source: LuciaMusau

7. LBD Bodycon Dress

Another ravishing and actually effortless way to stay stylish and still keep mafisi at bay are by this gorgeous number. There’s a certain deluxe feel that a dress of this kind gives you especially when you walk into a room all glammed up and ready to take on the world. This one ensures that whoever steps up to you is just nit anyone but someone who has his game on point. This dress helps you step up, and stand out in every sense 🙂

Latest Fashion in Nairobi

Source: Stylesketches

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8. Skater Skirt

Skater skirts are simply cute and amazingly dapper to wear when you want to be a bit more style to your skirt game. This charming trend is quickly becoming one of the most sought after pieces in the latest fashion in Nairobi and all for a good reason; it’s gorgeous. Wanjiku Kariuki clearly works this look in a perfect long sleeved top.

Latest Fashion in Nairobi

Source: Wanjikukariuki

9. Floral Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirt are loved all over and are one of the most charming trends in Kenyan fashion right now. It’s simple to see why, given their simple yet gorgeous appeal and of course massive style game. You can pretty much pair them with any of your favorite tops and still have a dazzling outfit to boot.

Latest Fashion in Nairobi

Source: Stylebysherry

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10. Maxi Shirt

Maxi shirts are among the most charming trends in the latest fashion in Nairobi. This is obviously because they take a normal piece of clothing to a whole different level of fancy. They are definitely awesome with your favorite pair of jeans to keep things sleek. As Wanjiru Kariuki shows us here once more, it’s all about the style, and the fab touch that you can add on top of that.

Latest Fashion in Nairobi

Source: WanjikuKariuki

11. Sweatpants and Jumpers

For a completely awesome casual look, nothing says it better than a free flowing and super gorgeous sweatpants. They are tomboyish, yeah but depending on how you choose your outfit, can be one of the hottest members of style menu. It’s a feel good and collected way to stay on top when you are on the move on your style journey.


latest fashion in nairobi for ladies - kenyan fashion trends

Source: Wan Fam

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12. Skinny Jeans Feel

If you want to go casual and stylish in the same breath you definitely have more than enough options in the form of skinny jeans. You can accessorize the look with some bit of jewelry, or even choose for some lace-up heels as it is done in the latest fashion in Nairobi. As Yvonne shows us in this outfit, it’s also a nice way to flaunt your curves stylishly.

latest fashion in nairobi for ladies - kenyan fashion trends

Source: OrioYvonne

13. The Delicate Mini Dress

Loveliness sometimes comes in the smallest packages. You actually don’t have to go all out on a crazy all revealing type to make a statement look. This tasteful design is both snappy and also among the latest fashion in Nairobi. You will have a more interesting look when you choose a black and white as Sharon Mwangi does in this petite little number.

latest fashion in nairobi for ladies - kenyan fashion trends

Source: Theclickstyles

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14. All Ankara

Ankara has made a stomp in the latest fashion in Nairobi all for the best of reasons. The material has gone through some crazy twists and turns from being a traditional set at attire for our mamas to being a hot fashion must-have. A nice Ankara dress has both the loveliness and African chicness that you’d possibly want. You can even have some bit of fun with the making since you can have it custom made.

latest fashion in nairobi for ladies - kenyan fashion trends

Source: Mami Skin Care

15. The Stunning High Waist Look

High waist jeans are one of the top fashion trends in Kenya right now and all for a good reason. It’s clearly because of the simplicity with style and freedom that you get from them. They are furthermore easy to pair up with your favorite crop top and finally a coat if the weather demands so. This look has you all styled up and effortless without breaking a sweat.

latest fashion in nairobi to try

Source: Bloglovin

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As you can see, there’s plenty of ways to stay stylish and classy without revealing too much on your side, These Kenyan trends will undoubtedly ensure that the style game you bring out is definitely more than just simplistic; it’s definitely on point.


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