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11 Important Handbag Items Ladies Should (MUST) Always Carry

A woman’s handbag is one of the best accessories for almost every woman. The handbags are like our best friends we go everywhere with them and they even hold some of our dearest secrets. Handbags carry our daily essentials and so much more. But there are several purse essentials that shouldn’t go amiss in your handbag. Below is a list of the top most important handbag items every woman should have in her handbag.

important handbag items

Important Handbag Items and Purse Essentials for Ladies

1) Hand sanitizer

Imagine how many hands you shake in a day, the shopping cart, the staircase rail and the money that has passed through many hands. For these and so many other reasons, it is important for you to have a hand sanitizer in your important handbag items list.

Important Handbag Items You Should Never Miss

2) Wipes/wet tissues

I can’t really say when and where you need to use the wipes, but it’s important to have them with you in your handbag. You never know when a need arises, and you need to use a wet tissue.

Important Handbag Items You Should Never Miss

3) Pen and notebook

Pen and paper will never grow old no matter what technology comes along! It’s not always that you will have a chance to use your phone. Your notebook and pen are purse essentials that come in handy in situations when you need to write down your number, a list or when you want to note down something you wouldn’t want to forget.

Important Handbag Items You Should Never Miss

4) Makeup pouch

A makeup pouch is a small pouch where you stash all you makeup accessories. It’s important to have a small cute makeup pouch for your makeup in your handbag. You could load it with lipstick, lip balm, eyeliner, mascara, ponds among others.

Important Handbag Items You Should Never Miss

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5) Tampons/ pads

The truth is; we never know when or where mother nature will come knocking on our doors. It is, therefore, necessary to be prepared by having these two purse essentials in your handbag because I honestly can’t imagine needing a tampon or pad and not having one! Sometimes it doesn’t save you only but your unprepared friend or a stranger in the washrooms who need one.

Important Handbag Items You Should Never Miss

6) Mint gums/ breath mints

Nothing irritates more than conversing with someone who has a bad breath! So be sure not to make the same mistake yourself. Bad breath can be embarrassing so stay prepared by having a pack of mint gums or any breath freshener with you in your handbag.

Important Handbag Items You Should Never Miss

7) Wallet/ money

Plastic money isn’t always the solution. Some situations may require cash at hand it’s, therefore, important to be prepared with enough money in your wallet to stay safe whenever the need arises.

Important Handbag Items You Should Never Miss

8) Deodorant

When you are having a busy and you end up sweating a deodorant comes in handy. Just rush to the ladies, clean up and apply your deodorant and you are good to go! Ensure you have your desired deodorant on your purse essentials list.

Important Handbag Items you should never miss

9) Matchbox/lighter

A smoker or not, you need to carry yourself a lighter or some matches for emergency use only! They come in handy when burning stray threads on clothes and also when one needs to light candles on a cake.

Important Handbag Items You Should Never Miss

10) Painkillers

Headaches and migraines could ruin your day. It’s important to stay safe by having some painkillers in your handbag in case of a sudden headache or a migraine.

Important Handbag Items You Should Never Miss

 11) Hair items

It’s important to have a few hair accessories with you in your handbag. Combs, bob pins and hair bands are necessary purse essentials kit and they come in handy when you need to pull back your hair.

Important Handbag Items You Should Never Miss

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These items also work as ideal purse essentials for school. So create a list or checklist to ensure that you should never miss these important handbag items wherever you go.


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