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How to Wear Wedge Boots

Ladies who have mastered how to wear wedge boots have experienced how stylish and convenient they can be. They should feature in every fashionista’s wardrobe and provide a good transition into summer and fall outfits. Wedge boots are not only good for walking but also give that Parisian chic look and come in handy when you are out clubbing. Knowing how to wear wedge boots correctly is a must, they can make people with short legs seem shorter, and those with wide legs seem wider. This is why this article will show you how to wear wedge boots in a way flatter your body shape and height.

4 Tips on How to Wear Wedge Boots

1. Tucked

The benefit of tucking your pants into your boots helps in creating a long, lean leg line. Most wedge boots come fitted at the ankle to enable these look to work; your best bet is to pair your boots with some long leggings.

how to wear wedge boots - tuck in pants

2. Rolled Hem

Double cuffed or rolled jeans are a cute look and are good when you want to expose some leg skin and ultimately help to keep your ankles from looking wider that they are. An important thing when learning how to wear wedge boots is choosing the right type of jeans to combine with the boots. For a rolled hem look, you may want to go with skinny jeans.

how to wear wedge boots - roll em up

3. Layered Socks and Leggings

The sock trend took some time before coming on board, but once it burst through the surface, it has been a huge hit. Although it carries the added risk of making your ankles look wide, when layering leggings in the winter can be a cute look. Knowing how to wear wedge boots with socks and leggings requires you to learn which colors to pick, I would advise you to go with neutral colors as they will not draw a lot of attention.

how to wear wedge boots - socks n leggings

4. Monochromatic

A monochromatic look offers you a great opportunity to wear tall ankle boots. Try a pair of black tights combined with a black pencil skirt and these will be sure to make the size of the boot be irrelevant. Once you have learned how to wear wedge boots with these monochromatic look, you can go ahead and have fun with your top patterns.


Learning how to wear wedge boots can be an easy affair and offers you the chance to play around with different styles. You can never have a boring style when it comes to wedge boots; its versatility allows you to wear almost anything from dresses to skirts and jeans. It’s a blank canvas when it comes to wedge boots.


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