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How to Wear Plaid Shirts for Guys

If you have favorite fashion plaid shirts for men, but maybe need some inspiration on how to wear checked shirts – then, you’re in luck. Because there are so many different solutions to the question how to wear plaid shirts for guys. You need to be keen so as to pick cute outfits with plaid shirts for a stunning look.

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Cute Way on How to Wear Plaid Shirts

1. Khaki Pants and Blazer

You can pair men’s fashion plaid shirts with khakis, a nice pair of chukkas and a blazer for the perfect summer weekend look that will work during the day or at night.

how to wear plaid shirts with khaki

2. Chinos and Dress Shoes

Or, perhaps you need a sophisticated look for work? Try out classic fashion plaid shirts with chinos and a pair of brown dress shoes.

How to wear plaid shirts with chinos

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3. Cargo Shorts

Or, you can go for a more comfortable look, with a pair of cargo shorts, a short sleeve fashion plaid shirt and a pair of flip flops or converse shoes.

how to wear plaid shirts with cargo shorts

4. Jeans and Boots

Why not pair your favorite plaid shirt with jeans and a pair of work boots for a hipster look that cannot fail. Additionally, this style offers you unlimited plaid shirt outfit ideas to consider.

how to wear plaid shirts with jeans

However, if you don’t already have a favorite plaid shirt, do yourself a favor and GO BUY ONE (OR MORE) NOW! Because, according to Fashion Beans, “every man needs a plaid shirt. What other pattern works as well for rival Scot clans as Seattle scenesters?” Either way, read on for more on how to wear plaid shirts for guys.

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Long-sleeve or short-sleeve?

In the examples above, both long-sleeve and short sleeve plaid print options were mentioned when discussing how to wear plaid shirts. Obviously, depending on the situation and your level of comfort, either option is acceptable. Although, common sense dictates that long-sleeve plaid shirts for guys are definitely preferred.

Either way, you can wear your favorite plaid shirt (long-sleeve or short sleeve) with the following bottoms:

  • Jeans
  • Khakis
  • Chinos
  • Cargo shorts or pants
  • Work pants- black, brown, red, gray
  • Jean short

As discussed, there are many different ways to wear plaid shirts. Consequently, there are many occasions on which you can rock men’s styles for plaid shirts. Wear one to work. To the beach. At happy hour. With your friends. With your family. On a boat. While camping. On a hike. Crossing a bridge. There are varied cute outfits with men’s plaid outfits. Just make sure to wear an undershirt.

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Hopefully, this answered any questions you may have had on how to wear plaid shirts. Just remember, going with fashion plaid shirts for men is a bold move, so be subtle with the rest of your outfit so that you have the most fashionable look.


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