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How to Wear Peep Toe Booties – Cute Outfit Ideas for Fashionistas

How to Wear Peep Toe Booties


Peep toe booties are cute and among the most fab types of boots out there. They, of course, come in one too many cute designs for different moods and occasions. They also have a cute way of making any outfit you choose to have a classy feel without stressing too much. Below are some ways on how to wear peep toe booties and kill the look.

How to Wear Peep Toe Booties Like Fashionistas

1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are among the easiest to pull off and of course the most stylish. This is because they have a naturally appealing style appeal that complements your peep toe booties. Skinny jeans are also nice to have when you are going for a statement look with a leather jacket. An all black affair and you can bet the peep toe booties have you covered.

How to Wear Peep Toe Booties

Source: Denimology

2. Patterned Leggings

Another cool way to have your peep toe booties game going on is by good old fashioned leggings. Okay, maybe not exactly old fashioned, but leggings are definitely classic when you want a laid-back look. The peep toe booties make the outfit a lot chicer. Maxi jeans shirt makes the perfect shirt for this combo.

How to Wear Peep Toe Booties

Source: Meagan’smoda

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3. Cocktail dress

Cocktail dresses are the perfect dress type for a semi-formal evening out. Peep toe booties are therefore your best friend when all you want is a chic outfit on your night out. Cocktail dresses also have a seductive aspect that blends beautifully with peep toe booties.You can choose to go for a delicate or even edgy style appeal with them, of course depending on your dress.

How to Wear Peep Toe Booties

Source: Bestcelebritystyle


4. A-line Skirt

A fun loving and pretty outfit that you can stylishly pull off are definitely A-line skirts. Peep toe booties with an A-line skirt are clearly a darling combo for a lovely day out. This is a winner for when you want to get on naturally.You can also choose to add a light cardigan and a hat depending on the weather and your style preference.

How to Wear Peep Toe Booties

Source: Megansmoda

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5. Mini dress

For any posh evening out event, it’s always sweet when you choose a figure-loving mini dress. It’s in this way that your booties have a great chance to shine. This is because they will act as an equally charming part of your outfit. Mimi dresses offer a convenient way on how to wear peep toe booties.

How to Wear Peep Toe Booties

Source: Stylebistro

6. Midi dress

A proper midi dress outfit is supposed to be a blend of a natural elegance with a chic aspect to it. Peep toe booties, in this case, give you more than enough style to make this possible. If you choose to go for a bright colored dress, it’s awesome when you choose dark colored booties. The reverse also works since it’s more of complimenting the parts of your outfit.

How to Wear Peep Toe Booties

Source: Stylepantry

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7. Capri Pant

Capris are a charming and undoubtedly sharp alternative to pants. Their edginess, therefore, blends quite well with your booties depending on how you choose to pair them with. You can, of course, get as adventurous as you’d want as long as the colors and design go hand in hand. This means you can play around and find the perfect match for your outfit.

How to Wear Peep Toe Booties

Source: Rafiasfashiondiary

8. Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are like your crazy best friend who brings out your wild side while still looking out for you. This is because they have both a homely aspect about them and a fabulous side that goes so well with peep toe booties. Moreover, it’s a simple yet gorgeous way on how to wear open toe booties.

How to Wear Peep Toe Booties

Source: Hauteofftheblack

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9. Leather Pants

Leather pants are among the most expressive fashion pieces that you can own. Their free and flawlessly chic feel go well with almost any choice of peep toe booties that you settle on. Depending on the color of the pants, you can always find a perfectly pairing match.

How to Wear Peep Toe Booties

Source: Casuallystyled

10. Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are of course a tasteful fusion of a dress and shirt. They create a sophisticated and classy outfit especially when peep toe booties are part of the outfit. The choice for the booties design usually goes hand in hand with the dress design. In a plaid shirt dress, for example, you can choose to go for a color that compliments or contrasts it.

How to Wear Peep Toe Booties

Source: Viewsofia

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We have compiled a few ways on how to wear peep toe booties to help you make the most out of your outfits. The most important yet useful tip is to maximize your versatile outfits that can feel comfortable on you.


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