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How To Wear Long Skirts Without Looking Kinda Frumpy

Long skirts have a classy and conservative feel about them that you can use to up your style. They not only have an admirable effect on your outfit but there’s a certain seductiveness that comes from donning a well styled long skirt. If you want to keep things on a glam note with long skirts, then below are some ways on how to wear long skirts without looking frumpy.

Amazing Ways on How to Wear Long Skirts

1. Crop Tops

Crop tops give you a game changing effect on your style without too much of a hassle.It’s an edgy and undoubtedly composed way to step out in style and goes quite well with the ethnic maxi skirt. This is because they give you a lovely contrast and tasteful twist to your skirt. You can have heels or flats with this look depending on the style you are going for.

How To Wear Long Skirts

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2. Off The Shoulder Tops

Another intensely chic way on how to wear long skirts is to pair a maxi skirt with an off-the-shoulder top. These style gems are not only cute and stylish but also have a nice way of bringing out your best features. This combo gives you an uplifting and stylish outfit for both an eventful and semi-formal mood.

How To Wear Long Skirts

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3. Fitted Shirt

For an extremely dapper and of course charming fashion look it is nice to have a fitted shirt go along with your long skirt. This is a well-defined formal look that can be worn casually. It’s also a lovely way to spice your look up without too many bells and whistles. A leather belt with gives you a great compliment to this outfit.

How To Wear Long Skirts

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4. Chiffon Top

For a delicate and elegant feel on how to wear long skirts, you can choose to go for a lovely chiffon top. The top is clearly a lovely complement to the elegant long skirt. This without a doubt makes more than just an appealing evening outfit, it becomes part of your personal feel. You can choose to go for ankle strap pumps or heels to complete your outfit.

How To Wear Long Skirts

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5. Blazed Up

Blazers have a way of giving you a precious nuance to your style in an effortless way. And the best part about it all is that blazers come in different designs and each creates a different style emphasis. For a gorgeous chic look, you can choose a tuxedo blazer with top inside. Pumps are the best shoes for this kind of elegance in long skirt styles.

How To Wear Long Skirts

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6. Long Sleeved Top

For a bit of simplicity, you can always choose to go for a normal long sleeved tight top with your long skirt. You can either go for patterned or block colored depending on your skirt. Generally speaking, it’s always nice to mix things up a bit, like patterns on a plain skirt or even the plain colors for both. It’s all down to how you want your outfit to feel like.

How To Wear Long Skirts

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7. Ruffled Silk Blouse

Ruffled tops reflect a gentle and balanced sense of style that’s just too cute to ignore. This is especially true when they are paired with a long skirt that has as much glam. It may seem like a simple outfit, but it’s one of the fanciest styles on how to wear long skirts. Additionally, it is uncomplicated.

How To Wear Long Skirts

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8. Denim Shirt

Denim shirts are always a smooth move no matter what outfit you narrow down to. For long skirt styles, they add a super gorgeous flow to your outfit. From faded to folded sleeve, you have a countless choice in how you can bring out the edgy side to your long skirt. Some nice pumps with the skirt finally bring the outfit home in full glam.

How To Wear Long Skirts

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9. Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirts are another casually stylish way to up your long skirt styles is by using a plaid shirt. A proper plaid shirt adds a touch of a refreshing style sense to your outfit. This is because of their usually bright and patterned detail which complements the skirt. So, you pretty much have a fusion of styles blended into one glamorous outfit.

How To Wear Long Skirts

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10. Turtleneck

For a cold day, long maxi skirts are one of the best outfits to stay stylish and warm. This is especially awesome when you get a fitting turtleneck sweater to pair it up with it. This combo ensures that you not only keep yourself all warmed up but also do so elegantly. You can also add a hat to make things, even more, cuter for any of your long skirt styles.

How To Wear Long Skirts

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Well, sometimes it can be quite thorny to figure out how to wear long skirts. These outfit ideas give you a clue to what to pair and demonstrate some of the outfits that can go well with long skirts. It is your discretion to pick what looks good on you.


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