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How to Wear Long Cardigans – Your Guide to Long Cardigan Outfits

Long cardigans are a fine and explosive take on your normal cardigan style. This is not only because of their maxi size but also their maxi style and design. You can find so many ways to make this trend work for your outfits. Below are some chic ideas on how to wear long cardigans with different outfits.

How to Wear Long Cardigans with Voguish Outfits

1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are of course one of the hottest and chic ways to step out in style. Their massive style appeal makes them an awesome match up with long cardigans. You can either go for regular jeans or even the ripped variety depending on the level of edginess that you would like to get in your outfit.

How to wear Long Cardigans-

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2. Mini Dress

For a sexy and simply stunning outfit mini dress are more than enough to bring this out. Mini dresses especially look fabulous when you add a bit of contrast with long cardigans. This combo brings out a seductive fusion and flow to your wardrobe. For an even fancier style knee, high boots will work the magic.

How to wear Long Cardigans-

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3. Khaki Pants

For an outdoors style Khaki are definitely among the most stylish of the options that you can go for. They are chic and allow you to be on the move stylishly when you pair them with long cardigans. You can either go for boots or flats with this outfit, and both will bring out the style emphasis you are looking for.

How to wear Long Cardigans-

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4. Capris

Capris are one of the more lovely ways to pull off the capris pants. They give you a fabulously chic way to step out in style without risking too much style wise. You can pair the cardigan with a blouse or tank top depending on the material of the pants. You can also have the elegance of strap pumps or heels to go with this look.

How to wear Long Cardigans-

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5. Leggings

Leggings are another naturally stylish and easy to pull off a style that you can’t go wrong with. This is because their simplicity obviously flows over to your whole outfit especially with a long cardigan. For a casual impact you can choose to go with sneakers, but ankle boots are more refined with this outfit. Leggings make it easier to learn how to wear long cardigans.

How to wear Long Cardigans-

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6. Plaid Mini Skirts

Sometimes the prettiest flavors come in small packages. This is particularly the style when it comes to pairing mini skirts with long cardigans. It’s even lovelier when you choose a detailed and colorful plaid skirt as the center of this sweet outfit. Another unique feature that you can add to this look is some oxfords to bring it all together finally.

How to ear Long Cardigans

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7. Shorts

For a style fusion between calm and fab you can choose shorts to go with your favorite pair of shorts. Different materials, of course, bring out different cardigan outfits. As for denim, it’s a feisty and obviously edgy style that comes out. Match this up with your wedges, and you are more than just casually ready to get on the move, girl 🙂

How to ear Long Cardigans

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8. Jeans Skirt

Denim options are great ways for how to wear long cardigans. Denim skirts bring out both a casually stylish look and also an effortless fashion statement. A fitting petite skirt is a glamorous way to step out in style. This becomes an even harmonious flow when you pair it up with long cardigans. For extra edginess, a pair of boots finally finishes this look.

How to ear Long Cardigans

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9. Floral Print Dress

As for a chic and gorgeous girly look, floral are surely the way to go. These lovely fashion pieces have not only a delicate but also sleek fashion appeal that you can’t possibly go wrong with. This is why they blend in so well with your favorite long cardigan outfits. This outfit is a great way to lighten things up a bit on your weekend looks.

How to ear Long Cardigans

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10. Pencil Skirt

For a completely gorgeous semi-formal look, you can always choose to go for a pencil skirt. Plaid skirts indeed have a way of bringing out your elegance in different ways. A plaid skirt, for example, adds a touch of balance and detail to your outfit which ultimately works well with long cardigans. A fitting shirt or blouse goes well with this fashionable set up. It’s one of those looks that you’ll thank yourself for.

How to ear Long Cardigans

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With these simple ways on how to wear long cardigans, you have at least a few ideas on how to pull them off. Whether it’s winter or summer fashion, you can simply choose a perfect outfit to complete your look.


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