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How to Wear Chinos? 3 Best Ways!

Don’t you think there is always a phase in summer when you’re no more attracted to wearing jeans as it’s too warm? Men’s fashion styles offer you unlimited options for summer fashion. The men’s chinos fashion should be one of your choices due to their lightweight, weave fabric and as one of the coolest alternatives of jeans. However, sometimes men get confused as what to wear with chinos or how to wear chinos with their favorite T-shirts.

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Three Ways on How to Wear Chinos

1. Wear them with Denim Shirt

If you want to wear men’s casual outfits to an event or an informal gathering, you can learn how to wear chinos with denim shirts as it will portray two different shades and texture combination for your outfit. It is recommended that you should be wearing smart, slim-fit and cotton-blend chinos with your traditional denim shirt. A chinos and shirt stye will look perfect for a weekend dinner or a casual lunch anywhere with your family or life partner.

how to wear chinos casually

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2. Get a Casual Look with Your Sports Jacket

If you are not satisfied with your denim shirt and think that you’re too old to wear denim shirt with chinos, you can wear chinos with sports jacket along with a white shirt and brown loafers. Chinos with sport jackets will get you a perfect gentleman look especially if you are working in an office. Did you know about the style icon Mr Lino Luluzzi? It’s inspired from his outfits.

how to wear chinos casually

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3. Get Relaxed Tailoring

In summer, you can learn how to wear chinos casually to bring out an awesome look. It is your chance to experiment your chinos with a soft jacket to portray a smooth and casual outfit in your office. Whenever you’re feeling warm, you can put your jacket on your shoulders and conceal your white shirt with your chinos in style. Moreover, you can also wear chinos casually with white sneakers and sunglasses to offer a cool and casual but formally presentable look in your office.

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